Today’s alleged discrimination of the day was discovered in a recent petition on

Shaneel Lal

The petition states:

The signatories of this petition request that Rainbow Youth take a stand against racism by expelling Shaneel Lal from the organisation. If they refuse, then we request that all businesses donating to Rainbow Youth take a stand against racism and refuse to fund an organisation which sanctions racism.

Shaneel Lal, Board Member of Rainbow Youth is a vocal racist and BIPOC supremacist. He has proudly taken steps to alter representation on the board of Rainbow Youth so that it has positions reserved for particular racial groups and even provides some racial groups with greater influence over the organisation. Rainbow Youth exists to support young gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender etc. individuals. Shaneel Lal’s racist crusade is warping the organisation into a racialised, extremist hate group.

Additionally, Lal frequently shares his hatred of white people online and in person.

(In response to a journalist tweeting the absence of Maori party co-Leaders from Parliament during the special session paying tribute to the late Prince Philip). “Why is it any of a crackers business what Maori decide to do with their time instead of celebrating a coloniser? Your tweet provided racists in this country a platform to bash Maori leaders. This is classic pathetic white people behaviour.

“White queers are still a beneficiary of white supremacy.”

“White queers are no different in their ability to wield white supremacist ideologies in queer spaces as white people are in the world.”

Believes watching Ru Pauls drag race with white people is an expression of the exclusion of BIPOC.

“White queers are indebted to black queers.”

“I cannot celebrate 35 years of the Homosexual Law Reform in New Zealand while so many of my people throughout the Moana are still criminals for being queer. White queers have been given a 35-year head start in equality. While the white gays enjoy the freedoms of the Homosexual Law Reform in New Zealand, Queer Pacific people are still fighting for it. And yet the white gays in New Zealand have the absolute audacity and ignorance of fight for the police to march at pride.”

Only racists say all lives matter and only racists refuse to recognise the colour of people’s skin when the colour of the skin has privileged the white and marginalised everyone else. Only those who have benefitted from racism, ignoring racism, or refusing to see colour will refuse to recognise it. It has always been about race because white people in the pacific are living on stolen land. If it weren’t for racism and colonialism, indigenous people would have never been in the position we are in today. Whiteness is deficit to perspective.”

The aforementioned quotes atrributed to Shaneel Lal are evidence of his explicit, vocal racism.

Rainbow Youth, give nothing to racism!

With your help Discrimination of the Day will become a regular segment on The BFD. A reader drew our attention to this petition and we will highlight any other examples of discrimination and racism that our readers send to us.

Let’s highlight the racism and discrimination inside New Zealand together because it is NOT OK!

There is NOTHING positive about discrimination.

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Discrimination of the Day
The BFD Staff

The BFD Staff

A contribution from The BFD staff.