You gotta hand it to global warming, there’s nothing it can’t do.

From making dogs depressed to the devastating Tohoku tsunami, it’s been fingered as the alleged culprit in nearly anything you can think of. Your beer tastes bad? Global warming. Stronger heroin? You better believe that’s global warming.

And if it’s snowing in sub-tropical Australia? Oh, yeah, that’s definitely global warming.

Blizzards have dumped more than half a metre of snow over parts of NSW over the last 48 hours as towns and cities shiver through record-breaking temperatures[…]

If temperatures don’t climb above that mark, it will be the coldest June day in 122 years and the coldest day overall in 37 years.

Stop having fun! Don’t you know this is global warming? The BFD.

It was only a couple of years ago that it snowed in southern Queensland. Can I get an “It’s getting hot in here”?

While city dwellers might be struggling through today’s icy weather, the conditions are barely comparable to temperatures in regional areas today with Cooma on track to record its coldest day in 17 years with a maximum of just 1.2C.

Mudgee is also on track to record its coldest day in nearly three decades with a top of 4.4C.

The last time temperatures dropped that low was in 1992, when the town recorded a minimum of 5.2C.

In the Central Tablelands, Orange has received its heaviest dump of snow since 2015 with a whopping 16cm falling today alone[…]

Frost risk is high to severe in most areas across the region with drivers warned of black ice and dangerous driving conditions.

Poor old Tim Flannery has barely finished mopping up after those rains that were never going to fall again, and that the snow that was going to be a “rare and exciting event” is blanketing the state. Global warming just won’t give a poor climate alarmist a break.

Further south, a low is generating damaging winds, heavy showers, and small hail in Victoria and Tasmania.

Damaging winds which reached 100km/h carved a path of destruction across Melbourne overnight, with thousands of calls for help to the State Emergency Service.

In the past 24 hours, there were more than 2000 reports of trees down, about 500 reports of trees down, about 500 reports of building damage, and about 150 calls for help in areas where there is severe flooding.


But… that’s impossible. It was never going to rain in Australia again. The Great Predicto said so.

Next, you’ll be telling me that the Arctic isn’t ice-free, Central Park isn’t under water and we aren’t all dead from global famine.

Oh, wait…

Still, global warming is going to kill us all. Greta says so — and she’d know, right?

And spare a thought for the poor little climate kiddies, out protesting in the snow and sleet. If you’re cold, they’re cold.

This is your brain on climate alarmism. The BFD. Photoshop by Lushington Brady.

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It’s Getting Hot in Here?

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