It’s getting pretty hard to keep up with the ever-shifting nomenclature of climate catastrophism. Those of us with longer memories will recall the “New Ice Age” of the 1970s, which was climate change before it was cool, so to speak. But global cooling was quickly elbowed aside by “global warming”. But climate scares proliferate faster than sub-genres of heavy metal, and soon we were dealing with “climate change”, “global weirding” and, now, the latest fad, “climate emergency”.

But just as fashion comes full cycle every few decades, it’s starting to look as if “global cooling” might be due for a comeback. Especially when it’s snowing in sunny Queensland.

[Sydney is being battered by gale force winds and heavy rain as well as freezing temperatures…

[BOM meteorologist Sarah] Scully also said snowfall was expected in areas 900 metres above sea level in the Blue Mountains, central tablelands and parts of the Hunter.

A blanket of white snow has covered parts of the iconic Blue Mountains with about five centimetres of snow settling on Katoomba, Blackheath and surrounding areas on Tuesday morning.

“It’s enough to cause road issues and enough to fold the branches of the trees from the weight of the snow,” the Bureau of Meteorology’s Jordan Notara said…Snow was also recorded in the Central Tablelands, including Oberon and Lithgow, as well as Armidale in the state’s north.]

Well, this is all very confusing. After all, wasn’t “the science” adamant that Australia’s ski fields were inescapably doomed to become barren, Mad Max deserts?

Up to 50cm of snow is forecast for the ski slopes in the state’s south. Snow flurries may also fall in the northern tablelands around Glen Innes and Armidale…

Snow has fallen in parts of southern Queensland with icy winds dropping the apparent temperature to below zero in other inland communities. The Bureau of Meteorology says snow has fallen in Queensland’s Granite Belt region, west of Brisbane…

“It was sleeting for maybe ten minutes, then some flurries of pure snow flakes started coming down,” Ken Kato told the ABC from Eukey.


Wow. Imagine how bad it would be, if it wasn’t for global warming.


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It’s getting so hot that it’s snowing in Queensland

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