Matthew Tukaki is a Maori activist who uses divisive rhetoric. He is a polarising figure who is agitating for Maori separatism and apartheid in New Zealand, fomenting racial discord while accusing those who oppose his agenda of being the ones causing a racial divide.

While he is quick to accuse others of turning one race against another he allows comments like the one below to be published on his personal Facebook page.

Screenshot from Matthew Tukaki?’s personal Facebook page.

Below is just one example of his many outrageous fact-free statements.

Speaking today Tukaki was commenting on the brutal game of politics now unfolding that are seeing Maori being pushed into “like them or loathe them situation” and politicians brining on never before seen interpretations of the Treaty of Waitangi:

“This descent into madness must stop. It serves race relations in this country no good and all it is now doing is pitting one race of people against another. And we all know where this ends. The racial divide in this country must heal and we must move forward. For all sides that must mean the realisation of true partnership which is what the foundation blocks of the Treaty of Waitangi set down” Tukaki said

[…] And for non-Maori being set up to feel scared that all of a sudden partnership looks like some sort of segregationist playbook is again nothing more than politics weaponizing sectors of the community against each other.” Tukaki said

The Treaty of Waitangi was never a partnership. It is a complete rewrite of New Zealand history to make that claim. Tukaki is gaslighting the public by accusing those who oppose or question his agenda of doing exactly what he is doing.

Now that you know a little about the background of today’s crybaby of the day you will no doubt be interested to learn that he has been crying about experiencing racial abuse himself.

You will never guess the terrible racist names he was called.

Tukaki, of Ngai Te Rangi and chair of the National Maori Authority, said he received dozens of racist messages daily – some calling him a “bludger” or “scumbag”. He said there had been a marked increase in recent weeks.

Steve Brule GIF by MOODMAN

I must be missing something here. My husband, being a polarising media figure, has been called both those names and much worse in the past, but while they were insults they were not racist insults.

Tukaki also alleged that, completely out of the blue, he was called a “black arsehole” by a Pakeha woman walking past him. That at least is a genuine racist insult but to be honest I struggle to believe his claim. Maori are not black and he like Maori co-leader Debbie Ngarewa-Paker is as pale as your average Pakeha.

No doubt Tukaki would claim that my pointing out his pale skin colour is racist and that I have no right to mention it. In context, I think that it is a rather pertinent point since he is asking us to believe that a pale skinned Pakeha woman completely out of the blue called him a “black arsehole” despite his own pale skin.

Maybe she needs to go to Specsavers.

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