Dear Editor

The Introduction to He Puapua includes the following:

5. We consider Aotearoa has reached a maturity where it is ready to undertake the transformation necessary to restructure governance to realise rangatiratanga Maori. This maturity is reflected in some existing governmental initiatives, laws and policy, the voices of Maori and jurisprudence. In addition, there is extensive literature and empirical evidence that demonstrate the positive outcomes realised when indigenous peoples make decisions for their own economic, social and cultural development.

I don’t know about anyone else but isn’t that a rather bald assertion?  Not that I doubt there is some supporting evidence although I suggest there could well be just as much, if not more saying the opposite.

And then it says

9. New Zealand is the first state to embark on a process for a Declaration plan, and has the capacity to be a world-leader in realising indigenous peoples’ rights, especially if it is ambitious.

Perhaps we are the first, but it is not leading, it is following. Following some dubious instruction that most New Zealanders do not want or even condone, a bar of.

I cannot accept that Maori are indigenous  although they did have the place to themselves for a while until other races arrived. That in itself probably makes them colonisers.

Of course, they follow this direction because they think they can see some benefits, but what drives that? Is it simply greed? Do they think that we are where we are today just by chance? It takes work and effort. The course being followed will lead to disruption and strife and ensure that ‘they’ will end up being re-colonised by much more controlling masters.


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Letter to the Editor: He Puapua


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