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Judith really set the cat among the pigeons this week when she opposed the separatist health policy proposed by the government, culminating in her well-received keynote speech on Saturday. Good on her: race-based policy is a bad idea.

Newshub’s inflammatory response: Judith Collins has hit the big red race button’, and of course, on cue, Tova O’Brien’s mouth ran away with her.                                                                              

How can opposing a racist policy be racist?

With the government’s apartheid policies now ‘a thing’ and being warmly embraced by 90% of the media, who are saying ‘bout time’, it is a brave person who dares oppose them.

According to Ben Thomas this week, Collins is desperate; opposition to Maori separatism is sooo 90s and New Zealanders (aka Aotearoans) apparently are itching to give their taxes to them to spend at their discretion! 

And Matthew Hooton, who stupidly backed a clearly incompetent, bumbling Muller for leader (so by definition is dumb himself), says Collins’s opposition to race-based policy is badly planned and incoherent. 

To voice opposition to a radical, discriminatory policy does not take planning. A “no thanks, not now, not ever”, is very coherent when you have your values firmly established (which Hooten clearly didn’t last year when he became a traitor and backed a loser which contributed hugely to National’s election loss!).

National are in the same unenviable position as the US Republicans, faced with an increasingly leftist transformational (read woke) agenda from a socialist government, who counter opposition with bullying and threats to silence commentary with hate speech laws. Sound familiar?

Stephen Miller (talented speechwriter and former adviser to Trump) gives good advice on how to deal with left-wing viciousness. Attack, attack, attack!

He was recently interviewed on Fox by a former (self-confessed) Democrat journalist who obviously had a Road to Damascus moment! She said Republicans never used to attack Democrat craziness, through fear. Think George W Bush. Trump taught them to go on the attack and used Twitter to correct all the lies from the left-wing media.

Miller has formed ‘America First legal’ to fight Biden’s unconstitutional radical policies, such as allowing untested, unvaccinated illegal immigrants into the US through the border during a pandemic and giving race-based help to struggling farmers (white farmers need not apply). Miller says:

Traditional minds of Americans are focused on raising their families, living their lives, pursuing their dreams. Hardcore leftists are focused on fundamentally transforming America.

Substitute US for NZ and we have the situation we currently face here.

Judith, in taking a stand on such a controversial PC subject, has become by default, the conservative’s female version of Trump, albeit with a prettier smile and a much calmer temperament (thank goodness). She needs to use twitter A LOT to counteract the lies from the government and their biased media.

For example, spluttering Kelvin Davis has insinuated that Dr Reti did not agree with Judith’s opposition to the Maori health authority. This is untrue. Reti has been strident in his opposition and his vision for the future of our health service does not include separatism.

If the lie is left to marinate, it will be believed.

Skin like tungsten and nerves of steel are required of National to get to the winning post in 2023. As the government lose the plot, and drown in their own incompetence the media will deflect attention by putting the blowtorch on National, the party of pragmatism and common sense. How very yesterday, eh Ben!

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Collins Shoots Down Separatism: Media Go into a Tailspin
Wendy Geus

Wendy Geus

I did my writing apprenticeship as a communications advisor. Like all writers, I am highly opinionated, so freelance writing is best for me. I abhor moral posturing, particularly by NZ politicians. I avoid...