National has designed a streamlined mechanism for allocating the Government’s $3.8 billion fund for housing infrastructure, National’s Infrastructure spokesperson Andrew Bayly says.

A Member’s Bill drafted by Leader of the Opposition Judith Collins, which will go into the ballot this week, will provide councils with a simple $50,000 grant for every new house they consent over and above their five-year historical average.

The Government says its $3.8b Housing Acceleration Fund will deliver 80,000 to 130,000 houses over 20 years. But this only equates to between $29,000 and $48,000 per house.

“We’re saying to councils that for every extra house they build, the Government will provide $50,000 for infrastructure – no ifs, no buts, and no complex hurdles,” Mr Bayly says.

“This sensible move can be done right now to address the housing shortage and help first-home buyers.”

To date, the Government has only provided vague details about how it plans to allocate the $3.8b Housing Acceleration Fund, Mr Bayly says.

“The vagueness of the Government’s plans will be bureaucratic hurdle for councils.

“Councils and developers will be forced into a drawn-out negotiation with Wellington bureaucrats to get funding, showing how each new development meets whatever criteria this Government finally announces.

“Just like the so-called shovel ready projects, where a year later only a quarter have shovels in the ground, this looks set to be another example of Labour’s inability to deliver.”

Housing Emergency Response (Urgent Measures) Bill by Juana Atkins on Scribd

Housing Emergency Response Bill – Q&A by Juana Atkins on Scribd

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A Smarter, Faster Way to Fund Housing Infrastructure
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