White privilege! We are fed this lie and social garbage time and time again by brown, black and other colour activist racists and various racial and religious groups not of European origin, as part of a continuing woke hate campaign against anyone of Caucasian origin in a successful society.

In parallel with this, we have bitter and dangerous dunderhead academics pushing empty academic quackery such as ‘critical race theory’ and school teachers denigrating and poisoning the minds of the young with this slanted racial poison with lies about colonialism and European advancement in general. It is a campaign as sure and nasty as the indoctrinating of Germany’s youth by Hitler, Cambodia’s youth by Pol Pot or the Soviet Union’s youth by Stalin.

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Occasionally we have a voice of reason. In this case Professor Matt Goodwin, who has had an article printed in the UK’s Daily Mail, about the reality in Great Britain.

That reality is;

Should you want to succeed in modern Britain, don’t be a poor white boy.

That is what you might conclude after reading the controversial new report on race in Britain.

It is not a fashionable thing to say in a society that has lost interest in the white working class, but it is children — and especially boys — from these communities who are most likely to suffer a range of dreadful outcomes.

Goodwin is no middle class elite academic either,

As somebody who was raised in a white working-class family, I know this all too well. I was brought up by my single mum on the outskirts of London and grew up in a home where stress was a part of daily life.

Even though I got the A-level grades required to attend an elite university — the first in my family to go on to higher education — I never felt good enough to apply.

I ended up at a ‘non-elite’ university on the outskirts of Manchester, filled with other working-class kids who probably felt the same as me.

This new report by The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities in the UK paints a stark reality in contrast to the woke propaganda.

By the time they turn 19, white working-class youngsters are the least likely to be in higher education — just 22 per cent, compared with 45 per cent of their peers who are black and 56 per cent of Asian kids.

Indeed, Britain currently has its most ethnically diverse Parliament and Cabinet to date — yet simultaneously, we have never had so few white working-class voices in the corridors of power.

In Britain, as in many other Western so called First World countries such as New Zealand, this sort of truth does not sit comfortably in a landscape of woke propaganda and lies.

But amid the furore over the new report — which concluded that while racism exists in Britain, the country is not ‘institutionally racist’ — they were ignored.

Why? Because the fact that it is minority ethnic groups who are pulling ahead of whites and it is whites who are often at the bottom of the pile simply does not sit neatly with ‘woke’ dogma.

Goodwin sums it up very neatly:

Many of these ideas were shaped by academic theories that first emerged in the 1960s.

This was the time of the so-called ‘cultural turn’, when many Left-wing thinkers lost interest in the white working class because it showed little interest in their Marxist ‘revolution’.

Instead, they turned to an alliance of ethnic minorities, immigrants and bohemian middle-class students, calling on them to ‘deconstruct’ the established ‘power structures’, languages, institutions and established ways of life of Western societies.

These ideas have since collided with other theories in the field of ‘social justice’ to present an utterly different and warped vision of British society from the one that used to be promoted by the sensible Left.

An obsession with class has been replaced by an obsession with the ‘trinity’ of sexuality, gender and racial equality.

One recent Labour Party rulebook contained 139 mentions of women, 43 of ethnic, 41 of BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic), 26 of gender and 11 of race — but only two of class.

Isn’t that the truth? It is middle class elites which have positions of power in academia, politics and society, who are pushing this Trojan horse of Neo-Marxism and destroying our Western values and society in the new Communist revolution for the 21st century. Oddly it is also 100 years since the last big Communist movement started and began to spread from Russia right through Europe in the 1920s.

The ranting mobs are better dressed, social media has replaced the street corner soap box, the cause has a better disguise such as the cloak of woke and the destruction is quieter, but it is happening and has arrived in a town near you; likely starting at a school or university with a statue offending some idiot with oddly coloured hair.

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