What is it with this Prime Minister? She seems determined to have us confined within our borders until a vaccine is found, which may or may not prove effective, or until she can say she is the first leader of a country to eliminate this particular strain of flu. She also appears to want to be the first leader of a country who hasn’t had to sack a member of her Government. Translation — I’ll control my team of five million but not my team in the Government.

How easy it is to strut the positive insincere kindness routine for the camera but when it comes to the Captain’s calls that matter, like firing a Minister, Jacinda shows herself to be not up to the task. Rather than show leadership and do what’s required Jacinda seems to prefer a fireside chat over a glass of warm almond milk with the person concerned. To avoid her not publicly looking the villain in the piece, she asks him or her to fall on their sword. Followed by a kiss and a hug no doubt.

This is not leadership by any stretch of the imagination. It’s all about her global persona and maintaining her aura of kindness. If she’s not up for handling the tough calls, she’s not fit for the job. Which takes us right back to why she was given the job of Labour leader in the first place. It had nothing to do with ability and everything to do with the best chance of winning an election. The irony of course is she didn’t win.

So David Clark obliged and fell on his sword. Not that he had a choice. The invisible man of COVID-19 has been labelled a distraction. Why? Because he’s at his desk? I am sure the reason for his non-appearance was that her ladyship wanted to take centre stage. Hence we were subjected to a daily ghastly stand-up presser which quickly morphed into a Labour electioneering broadcast. However, that was no excuse for the activities he engaged in.

David Clark being replaced by Chris Hipkins tells you everything that’s wrong with this Government. They are so short of talent that a man who is already overburdened has to take on another hefty portfolio. Education needs full-time attention and adding health means both areas will suffer. Hipkins, by his own admission, says he has no experience in either. They have less talent than a car park puddle.

The BFD. Cartoon credit BoomSlang

No experience. Something else that defines this Government. Virtually no one has experience in areas that really matter when it comes to running a country. This has been apparent in their lamentable performance in virtually every major portfolio area. Housing, Transport, Health, Education, Welfare, Economic Development; all failures under this Government. Why? The answer lies in Todd Muller’s seventeen empty chairs. There are people in those chairs, at Question Time at least, but they may as well be empty.

From the ashes of this shambles rides the man who caused it in the first place. Winston Peters, our knight in shining armour, as he is now portraying himself. Have no fear, I am here. I am the handbrake on the rudderless ship. We must all be thankful that if it weren’t for this brave man, the country would have well and truly hit the rocks with a capital gains tax and light rail etc. What the knight in shining armour conveniently overlooks is, had he ridden his horse in the other direction a handbrake would not have been needed. Except maybe by National.

To sum up, the country is governed by a gutless leader presiding over an inept Government. No talent and no experience. For all of Winston’s self adulated gallantry, the inescapable conclusion is we are indeed headed for the rocks. We don’t need a handbrake, we need an accelerator right now and people who know how to use it.

The BFD. Cartoon credit SonovaMin.

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