Former Police Commissioner Mike Bush has been revealed as a liar…again.

Former Police Commissioner Mike Bush recently announced police had eliminated unconscious bias and applied discretion equally with low-level offences – only it was not true.

In other words, he lied. But, as is typical these days, lying to a select committee has zero consequences, and someone else was to blame.

A police spokeswoman said Bush had been provided with “incorrect information”, which he quoted before the pandemic response select committee on April 2, and in national media interviews on the same day upon his retirement.

Police have apologised to Bush, and there had been no intention to mislead the public, she said.

Of course not. /sarc. We can’t have a senior civil servant being accused of misleading the public, when he is still in control of important things.

Remember him misleading about the legality of the lockdown? Google does.

And that was to a Select Committee as well. And it turned out the lockdown was illegal and the Crown Law advice that he refused to share with the Committee proved that.

It does make me wonder what he may have “misled” the public about before.



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