Thursday, June 4, 2020

    Xavier Theodore Reginald Ordinary

    Xavier T.R Ordinary has been involved in New Zealand politics for over 40 years as a political activist, commentator and strategist. The name Xavier Theodore Reginald Ordinary has been chosen with tongue in cheek modesty. The character of Xavier is one who is rarely wrong and who has a wide network of political sources to call on when making his predictions. Xavier has previously party voted for National, Act and NZ First.

    Cunning Stunts – David Clark

    WarningNot Safe For Work - Foul Language Apparently it was a glitch on the Radio NZ stream...

    National Need NZ First to Form a Government

    The National Party’s 29% poll is a disaster for Simon Bridges personally and for the 18 MPs who will lose their seats. It also means that...

    Key National People Still Sucking up to the Chinese

    Thomas Coughlan from Stuff tweeted: You'd think they'd have learned from their donorvirus scandal that being associated with...

    Greens Proposed List Breaks Their Constitution

    The Greens initial party list has been released. Stuff reports: An initial list for the Green Party puts activist Teanau Tuiono ahead of...

    How Badly Has the Government Tanked Our Economy?

    Editors note: Due to technical issues yesterday that prevented our articles from being viewed by most of our audience I have made the decision to republish them...

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