Friday, April 3, 2020

    Xavier Theodore Reginald Ordinary

    Xavier T.R Ordinary has been involved in New Zealand politics for over 40 years as a political activist, commentator and strategist. The name Xavier Theodore Reginald Ordinary has been chosen with tongue in cheek modesty. The character of Xavier is one who is rarely wrong and who has a wide network of political sources to call on when making his predictions. Xavier has previously party voted for National, Act and NZ First.

    Oh Emmerson, If Only It Were True

    An NZ Herald cartoonist, a nasty, spiteful, leftist, oik at the best of times, recently published a disrespectful cartoon depicting his version of Simpson and his...

    It Started with Bat Soup and Might Now Be Ended by BAT

    In a delicious irony that may challenge the belief systems of those opposed to genetic engineering and also tobacco sponsorship, it looks like BAT (British American...

    Chris Hipkins and His Educational Cluster Bomb

    Just 15 days ago Education Minister Chris Hipkins stated very publicly that schools, universities, polytechnics and early-childhood centres are “very, very safe places” to be, despite...

    Messages from the Bubble

    SatireThis post is satire, but watching the PM every day it might just be realiddy. The BFD. Credit: Xavier

    National Brings the B-Team to the Game

    The National Party has brought their B-Team to the Covid-19 game. Seriously? Not a single...

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    If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to [email protected]