Thursday, August 13, 2020

    Xavier Theodore Reginald Ordinary

    Xavier T.R Ordinary has been involved in New Zealand politics for over 40 years as a political activist, commentator and strategist. The name Xavier Theodore Reginald Ordinary has been chosen with tongue in cheek modesty. The character of Xavier is one who is rarely wrong and who has a wide network of political sources to call on when making his predictions. Xavier has previously party voted for National, Act and NZ First.

    What Else Has Mike Bush Lied About?

    Former Police Commissioner Mike Bush has been revealed as a liar...again. Former Police Commissioner Mike Bush recently announced police had eliminated unconscious bias...

    See Ya Sweetie, Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Backside on the Way Out

    After Anne Tolley saw the writing on the wall, it was only a matter of time before the second half of the dastardly duo, Paula Bennett,...

    Good News, Anne Tolley Has Seen the Writing on the Wall

    One of the thickest and meanest MPs in the National Party, Anne Tolley, has seen the writing on the wall after dying in a ditch to...

    So Who’s the Karen Now?

    Some people lack a certain self-awareness, especially when they think they have a point to make, no matter how obtuse. This is where...

    Cunning Stunts – David Clark

    WarningNot Safe For Work - Foul Language Apparently it was a glitch on the Radio NZ stream...

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    The BFD Daily Roundup

    AdviceJust a brief note to readers who like to add their own contributions to Daily Roundup in the comments. This post is...


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