Good news for Martin Scorcese fans! The Mean Streets are back!

Last year’s hit film Joker revived Scorsese’s bleak 70s urban dystopia on the big screen – now, leftist idiocy is bringing it all to real life.

As calls from the Left intensify to abolish the police, and New York City takes action to remove officers and dismantle vital anti-crime units, the city that never sleeps surged in gun violence by a stunning 358% since this time last year.

It has been nearly a quarter century since New York City experienced as much gun violence in the month of June as it has seen this year,” The New York Times reported Tuesday.

NYC “logged 125 shootings in the first three weeks of the month, more than double the number recorded over the same period last year, police data show,” the report noted. “Gunmen opened fire during house parties, barbecues and dice games, and carried out coldly calculated street executions”[…]

Over this past weekend, 38 people were shot in just 72 hours, and that total only grew larger by Monday.

Let’s see if the uber-lefty Times can pick up a crayon and draw a line from cause to effect.

Commissioner Dermot F. Shea disbanded anti-crime units in the city last week, comprised of plainclothes officers, which were vital for proactive policing concerning illegal firearms on the streets.

Additionally, as noted by Forbes, roughly 600 plainclothes officers were reassigned “to new roles including neighborhood policing and detective bureaus” in conjunction with the disbanding of the proactive police units.

Chief LiPetri cited virus-related court proceedings restrictions for contributing to the spike.

Then, of course, there was the brilliant decision by Democrat-run states and cities to empty their jails because, uh, “coronavirus”.

NYC is not alone in the recent crime spike, Democrat-run cities like Chicago and Minneapolis have also been plagued with sky-high shooting rates.

Still, as noted by The Daily Wire, the Minneapolis City Council voted earlier this month to unanimously pass a resolution that would replace the Minneapolis Police Department with a so-called “community-led public safety system.”

Maybe Candace Owens is right. Give these idiots a few states to have to themselves and a rainbow flag to fly over them. Just build a big, beautiful wall around Freakdonia and leave them to it.

Seattle’s already showing the way to leftist utopia, after all.

Back to the future: New York City in 1972. The BFD.

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