“I am genuinely interested in people’s views, even if different from mine, and why they hold those views”

National Leader Todd Muller

Dear Todd,

I am glad that you are interested in hearing alternative views, and why people hold those views. My views are quite closely aligned with the founding principles of the National Party, and that, I suppose, puts us at different ends of the political spectrum.

The BFD. National Party Founding Principles

I believe in small government. In addition to requiring slashing of our own government and bureaucracy, it must also specifically exclude being run by proxy from huge amorphous overseas organisations such as the United Nations, who tie us up in red tape and foreign control such as climate change rorts.

One of the founding policies of the National Party was to oppose socialism and communism in all their forms because these have always been totally corrosive to the principles of a free and democratic country. Such principles would mean not cosying up to communist states like China and not allowing our country to keep adopting more and more socialist policies and controls.

It also means fighting the insidious creep of cultural marxism: things like identity politics, which encourage people to attack others for say, not having enough Maori representation, or having a cap in their office that represents an opposition to Marxism. The National Party principles tell you to vigorously oppose such ideas, not to bow down to them and apologise, Todd.

Another reason I hold these views is because free-market policies and a slashing of socialist control and bureaucracy are the only things that will get us out of the economic depression that we are currently just beginning.

The founding principles of the National Party have never been more important than they are today. I’m sorry that you don’t seem to share any of those views, but thanks for at least agreeing to listen to the views of a person who loves his country and wants it to remain free, democratic and prosperous, as anachronous as that may seem to you at this point in time.

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