Memo to Jacinda.

Wakey wakey dearie. The bubble has burst. The country has moved on. Virtually nobody is observing your silly rules. You are welcome to kid yourself that all and sundry are bowing down to your every directive but evidence shows otherwise. Perhaps you need to get out and about more from your own little bubble to see what is going on. It is now past time you and your right hand health expert got in step with the country rather than expect the country to continue to dance to your outdated tune. Your political antics are starting to look more and more like a hit job to try and rig the election in your favour.

You seem to harbour the fantasy that as the country is pretty much back to normal your idiotic rules can still apply. They can’t. It is impractical. You don’t seem to have any idea of the practicalities of getting around in order to do business or even getting to and from school. School buses are full. After school trains are packed to the gunwales. Malls are back to normal and at the weekend nowhere did I see social distancing being consciously observed.

The Northland MP, Matt King, however, did get a visit from the Police on the matter of social distancing. They appeared concerned that he was standing too close to his parents at a birthday celebration at a restaurant in Paihia. This was a man who had been threatened with violence at an illegal roadblock in his electorate.

It appears you have instructed Police that social distancing is a higher priority than violence and that unlawful behaviour is OK. Under your watch, the Police are fast becoming a joke.

This country needs the opposite of what you are prescribing. Your continuing application of restrictive rules is only serving to hinder the progress of opening up the country and assisting the reboot of the economy. The result is more jobs are being lost and more welfare is being doled out. By the way, what’s with the two-tier system of welfare? More election rigging?

Todd Muller, the new National Party leader, is recommending a quicker opening up of the economy and the borders and he’s right. Imposing level two on the country for maybe another month is daft. It shows a total ignorance of what is required to get the economy back on track. Your problem is that what is required does not fit your playbook. You are intent on hanging onto as many restrictions as possible between now and the election. My advice is don’t expect the big vote of thanks in last week’s polls to hold. I wouldn’t be testing the public’s patience if I were you.

In case you haven’t realised it, it’s now game on for the election. Question Time will be a very different kettle of fish and I’m not talking about the sort Clarke brings home. I would forget about concerning yourself with making everyone else’s life a misery and start worrying about Todd’s questioning. Start boning up on the economy and business, something you have proven you know little about.

Best of luck dearie, I think you’re going to need it.

P.S And by way of a refresher, GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product. Talk to Paul Goldsmith, I’m sure he’ll be kind enough to explain it to you.

The BFD. Cartoon credit BoomSlang

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