I recall when I was a few months into my marriage my beloved passed the comment that she never expected to end up with someone like me. My response was to parrot her by admitting that I too, never expected to end up with someone like her. She was a shy, introverted and sensitive nurse whose idea of a good night’s entertainment was to tuck up in a warm bed with a good book. On the other hand, I was the stereotypical rugby, racing and beer bloke whose cultural awareness extended to believing that if beer came in a bottle it was craft, if it came in a flagon it was draft. But somehow our paths crossed and the rest is history. Sometimes politics can be like that.

Todd Muller is someone l know very little about. My first response yesterday was to celebrate the rare experience of a no Ardern day. My second response was to delight in how refreshing it was, that amongst our leaders, we have found someone who can string a sentence together. I feel Muller had a beneficial first day casting a sense of confidence in responding to the media. I have read a number of negative comments regarding his political views on certain issues. On research, I discovered that, in my opinion, the assessments weren’t totally accurate. But as always, I will independently form my own opinions with the passing of time.

To use an old mantra, “He only has one job”, to win the election. It is a monumental task admittedly, but I have a sneaking suspicion he has an uncanny shrewdness when it comes to reading the electorate and this maybe why some of his views are contrary to our strong beliefs here. Whether we like it or not, the majority of the electorate do not share our sentiments and we may have to swallow a few rats if we want to see the back of the most destructive administration ever.

That aside, Muller has an impressive fifteen-year commercial background. If the country is to recover from the economic destruction that has emerged from the mismanagement of COVID-19, then I believe he could be a safe pair of hands. Only time will tell. When the shy nurse met the boozy bloke it ended up just fine. Sometimes politics can be like that.

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