As we’ve been reporting on The BFD, the backlash against rabid transgender ideology is growing. Doctors and psychologists are joining the push-back against “gender whisperers” and “de-transitioners” and are warning young people against making a dangerous and debilitating mistake.

And women, who’ve had to endure ignominy after insult from the tiny but noisy cadres of bullying “trans activists”, are starting to ark up, big-time.

Particularly women in sports. After all, they’ve had to endure being smashed by a group of “transgender” athletes who, as men, were mediocre at best but are using the natural advantages of their sex to ride roughshod over the competition as “women”.

A group of high school girl athletes are pursuing legal action. The US Department of Justice has lent its moral support. Now, U.S. state legislatures are standing up for women’s rights.

Idaho has become the first U.S. state to ban transgender girls and women from competing in female sports leagues, enacting new laws that also prevent transgender people from changing their birth certificates.

Governor Brad Little signed the two bills into law on Monday. The laws cite differences in male and female physiology that results in distinct athletic capabilities.

“Athletic teams or sports designated for females, women, or girls shall not be open to students of the male sex,” the legislation states.

Note the clever wording: this bill is clearly designed to stymie idiotic leftist arguments about gender being a “social construct”. Instead, Idaho is reaffirming biological reality.

Chelsea Mitchell, one of the athletes challenging the state of Connecticut, said she was happy about Idaho’s new legislation.

“I have lost four state championships because my state’s policy ignores the physical advantages males have over females in sports and allows males to compete in the girls’ category,” Mitchell told the Daily Wire.

Naturally, the rainbow-flag-wavers are getting their knickers in a twist.

However, LGBT groups criticized the law as dangerously “transphobic”[…]

“It is a sad day in the United States when lawmakers are more determined to stop transgender young people from playing games than to provide them with the care, support, and opportunities they need to survive and thrive,” said its head of advocacy and government affairs Sam Brinton.

No-one is stopping them playing games. They’re only being stopped from competing in a category that plain biology precludes them from.

“Under this bill, boys and men will not be able to take the place of girls and women in sports because it is not fair,” state lawmaker Barbara Ehardt, who introduced the bill, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation earlier this month.

Idaho’s second bill, preventing transgender people from changing the sex on their birth certificate to reflect their identity, was also criticized by LGBT advocates and is likely to face a legal challenge.

“Transgender people need accurate identity documents to navigate everyday life, and this gratuitous attack puts them back in harm’s way for harassment and even violence,” said Kara Ingelhart, a lawyer at Lambda Legal, in a statement.

Indeed they need accurate identity documents – documents that accurately reflect the biological reality of what they’re packing in their undies and what their chromosomes have determined for them from conception.

Women – real women – also deserve to have their rights as actual women protected.

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