I am fast coming to the conclusion that this virus thing is less about controlling the virus and more about controlling the people and the message. The “Pravda One” early afternoon sitcom every day certainly gives that impression. They may think that standing at their lecterns daily spouting large numbers is justification for the level of control they are subjecting us to. It isn’t. It’s the vehicle they are using for ensuring that we are living in a country that resembles the nearest thing to a police state.

We have now reached the stage where a major media publishing company has been tipped over the edge and forced to close when continuing to publish was its only means of survival. To regard any media as non-essential, particularly at a time like this, is a serious threat to our democracy. It’s all media who are responsible for holding the Government to account, including The BFD. Jacinda says she’s gutted. Oh, dear. No more cover shoots. She then has the nerve to suggest that they hadn’t knocked on the Government’s door for help, implying they might have got it if they had. What a joke!


Here’s the thing. They supply supermarkets just like the cigarette company she’s allowed to keep operating. When asked why that was she said the answer was quite simple, any company that supplies supermarkets can continue. So why not magazines which are far more beneficial than smokes? She’s operating a double standard here. Forgot what she said the day before. Not content with closing some magazines down she now wants all magazines gone from supermarkets because people touch them. Plenty of products are taken off the shelves, perused, and put back and what about those stacking shelves? That’s called touching, Jacinda. By the way, what right have you to tell any business what they can or cannot display at any time under any circumstances? I’ve never been to North Korea but it is starting to look like North Korea might be coming to me.

In Auckland, the Council has announced that all parks and beaches that can be locked to vehicles will be, in line with the Government’s direction. This is nothing short of pathetic. There are buckets of beaches and parks you can drive to in the Auckland region and park without restriction. You could park in a nearby street and pretend to live nearby. Or you could follow the example of the Health Minister and drive out of town for a mountain bike ride. Talk about do what I say, not what I do. How about exercising some real control Prime Minister and sacking him?

The BFD. Photoshopped image credit Luke

The whole thing is bordering on the preposterous. Why hasn’t this level of enforcement been happening where it was needed – at the border? Why have incoming passengers been allowed to saunter through? Had the proper checks been done earlier we might have avoided a lot of this nonsense.

Recently it was heard on Newstalk ZB that if the Government didn’t like certain questions that were asked by media organisations there would be a follow-up email reminding everyone that we are all in this together. Too right we are and I’m picking it won’t be too long before the silent majority start stirring. Jacinda wants cars off the road but people in rural areas now have to drive miles to the nearest supermarket because butchers and fruit and veg shops can’t open. Hence where I live there are cars all over the place. Today, on my hourly constitutional I thought for fun I would count the vehicle movements – over 160. In an hour.

Toilet Training. “There we go dear, this is how we do it” The BFD. Photoshopped image credit Pixy

The level of control is way beyond what is necessary and all at the behest of a little woman who appears to have lived for this moment. So far we have registered one human death. We’ll be registering the deaths of a far higher number of businesses if this goes on much longer. Crucifying the economy for maybe a very small number of deaths from the virus could lead to a greater number of deaths – by suicide. Not forgetting the winter flu of course.

This whole fiasco has been poorly organised and hopelessly implemented. Our controlling “Comrade” now needs to think very carefully.


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