In several recent BFD articles, I’ve detailed how, for all their self-serving bullshit about “inclusion”, “respect” and “making people feel safe and welcomed”, the Rainbow lobby are about the most vicious, intolerant bullies on the face of the planet.

The Rainbow lobby – “the Alphabet People” as comedian Dave Chappelle calls them – should not, of course, be confused with plain, old, everyday gay and lesbian folks. Most of them, I suspect, just want to mind their own business and get on with their lives. Indeed, many of them are as appalled as anyone at the behaviour of the rainbow bullies.

As well they might be.

A survey produced by the Harris Poll in partnership with Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) finds young Americans’ comfort with LGBTQ individuals has plunged from 63 percent in 2016 to 45 percent in 2018[…]

The survey results are published as lesbian, gay, and transgender activists celebrate Pride month.

Might it be that that last sentence contains just a slight hint of where this is coming from?

Familiarity, they say, breeds contempt. It’s no stretch, then, to imagine that being subjected to an entire month of lard-arsed bondage dykes and middle-aged flaming queens wobbling around in sequined posing pouches might not be exactly winning hearts and minds from anyone whose idea of a night out doesn’t involve fistfuls of viagra and crystal meth, and a litre tub of lube. Or that leathermen in assless chaps dragging pup-masked twinks on leashes along public streets, and hairy-legged drag queens fondling kiddies in public libraries, might – just might – make even the most dedicated “ally”’s stomach turn.

Because nothing says, “I’m a normal member of society” quite like a leatherman in assless chaps dragging a child along. The BFD.

Anecdotally, some young gay people talk about how embarrassed they are by these antics. There are also things like the “Drop the T” movement.

But the rainbow lobby is nothing if not willfully blind to cause and effect. When a Muslim screaming Quranic imprecations against the “Sin of Lut” murdered 50 gays in Florida, they blamed Republicans. When their own unhinged bullying and pathological exhibitionism is, weirdly, making many young people less than comfortable, it’s all obviously the fault of the Bad Orange Man.

“At the same time, the Trump administration continues to attack the LGBTQ community through discriminatory policies and targeted rhetoric, and LGBTQ Americans are becoming more vulnerable to hate crimes and violence,” GLAAD said in response to the survey outcome.

Which completely ignores everything Trump – the first Republican candidate to brandish a rainbow flag on the podium – has ever said and done.

President Donald Trump tweeted his support of the LGBT community by condemning “dozens of countries worldwide that punish, imprison, or even execute individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation.”

“My Administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and invite all nations to join us in this effort!” the president said.

Worst. Homophobe. Ever. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images). The BFD.

What’s telling is that this decline in acceptance is most pronounced in the young.

The percentage of young Americans who said they were uncomfortable with an LGBTQ family member increased from 24 percent in 2016, to 29 percent in 2017, and then to 36 percent in 2018.

Additionally, the discomfort of young Americans has increased with the thought of their child’s placement with an LGBTQ teacher, from 25 percent in 2016 to 29 percent in 2017, and then to 33 percent in 2018.

Also, 39 percent of younger Americans said they were uncomfortable discovering their child experienced an LGBTQ school lesson.

Well, fancy that: young people have been browbeaten by a relentless campaign of rainbow brainwashing through their entire school life. Unsurprisingly, they’ve had enough of such bullshit.

Still, the alphabet lobby flap their wrists and whine that it’s all everyone else’s fault.

The LGBTQ activists explain that, when a decline in acceptance of this population was observed among younger males, “GLAAD launched a program dedicated to working with the video game industry on LGBTQ inclusion, to bring LGBTQ characters and stories to a world where male audiences were consuming content.”

Gee and they wonder why young people are arking up? Maybe it’s time for them to consider just shutting the hell up, for once? No one has to go back in the closet, of course: but can we all just get a break from flaming pillow-biters jumping on the bed all night, screaming, “LOOK AT ME, BIGOTS! LOOK AT ME!”

When Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema says, “Our toxic culture is enveloping young people,” he might want to think about that. There’s a toxic culture all right – and it’s waving a rainbow flag.

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Young People Are Sick of the Rainbow Bullshit

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