Editors note: The photo is NOT a photoshop. Mr Bridges actually made the decision to wear that monstrosity and be photographed wearing it.

Today’s face of the day has a feather in his cap. His supporters will say he earned it with his strong and decisive move to sideline NZ First.

His detractors will point out that Little Sir Echo has once again said “Me too”.

There is already a campaign to end AIDS by 2025.

And look who else is promising to give one million dollars away in order to court a minority vote.

The BFD.

Once again Bridges and Ardern are looking like peas in a pod. It is just a matter of which of them will do the same thing better.

The BFD. Captain’s Call Twins. Photoshopped image credit Pixy

Either way, a minority community will get one million dollars no matter which party they vote for.

An unkind person would say that this is an example of how to go from a rooster to feather duster in one easy step.

A very unkind person would say that he’s got his special hat on that makes him think that he can perform miracles… like eradicating AIDS and becoming the Prime Minister.

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