It is difficult to debate with those who will not communicate. The climate change examination is no longer about the issue but about the crushing of alternative views. We are all guilty of that from time to time. The first sign of desperation is not being able to withstand the scrutiny of your stance.

There are only two camps: Alarmists or deniers. This very narrative highlights the pettiness that has dominated this debate. It is much easier to mark those with alternative views with derogatory labels rather than respecting their views but agreeing to differ.

Whilst my views on man-made climate change are very clear, I’m yet to be convinced that “man” is responsible for the warming or whether “man” can successfully intervene if the planet is warming. There is one very glaring factor that supports my reasoning and that is the calibre of those who refuse to consider opposing views.

The whole climate change debate is politically motivated right back to Al Gore’s rant and subsequently promoted by the UN, our own COLs and almost all left-leaning political movements. My question is: If the climate change activists are so convinced they are right, why are they so opposed to alternative views been aired?

We have the absurdity of Stuff refusing to publish any alternative discussion so their way of promoting their “truth” is through censorship. We have the UN and our COLs actively indoctrinating children to promote only one side of the debate. These children are shielded from any information that contradicts the view of the State. In any democracy, this should not be tolerated.

We have the absurdity of a Minister for Climate Change, who leads a Party, which was rejected by 94% of the electorate, issuing “educational” tools into state schools promoting only one side of the issue. This is called a dictatorship. The manipulation of children into representing your advocacy is psychological abuse.

The further you delve into the calibre of those at the coal face of the debate the less credible their argument becomes. They don’t know the truth, nor do I. Almost every prediction of doom has not materialised; therefore may I suggest that the science is rather more restless than settled.

The BFD. Greta says the end is nigh. Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

It is the height of arrogance to suggest the end is nigh, but stupid people can’t separate arrogance from fact. Even the community of scientists is undecided on this issue.
I know Nature is considerably more qualified in managing our climate so I will let her take care of me. The only disappointment I have is that I won’t be around in a hundred years to tell them “I told you so”. But then again, all these activists will be dead also: Which proves that in climate, every cloud has a silver lining.

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