The question is how can we, in reality, organise the exchange of leaders? The old saying applies – you can’t always get what you want in life.

According to an article in ‘a newspaper’ Australians have flooded social media with pleas for Jacinda Ardern to take over as Prime Minister of their country after she and Clarke were spotted dining at Fins Restaurant and Bar in Kingscliff. After a photograph of the evening was posted on Facebook the post was inundated with Aussies begging Ardern to stick around and lead the nation.

Allowing for the fact that those doing the begging are either deluding themselves or of limited intelligence, is it too much to hope their wish might be granted? Among the comments were “Jacinda, there is an opening in Canberra hun, just head on down there”. What a great idea! She probably doesn’t know where it is but I would gladly give directions. Someone else added, “Run down and grab her please. I’ll put Scomo on a flight to NZ”. If only they would. The exchange of personnel would be on a par with a Powerball win in Lotto.

One person said “Kidnap her and keep her here – we need her”. I feel a wave of generosity flowing over me and a deep desire to uphold the Ardern ethos of kindness and therefore would be most reluctant to prevent this course of action. All of this was to do with Ardern’s so-called expertise in dealing with disasters compared to how Scott Morrison has handled the bushfires.

I have no doubt that these comments were from younger members of society and probably greenies who it appears are at least partly to blame for the catastrophe. These people are not the least concerned about a political leader’s understanding of economics and therefore their ability to balance the country’s books. Does the leader know what GDP is? That’s of no importance to the younger generation, but seeing a leader dressing up in the appropriate garb running around giving kisses and hugs – my that’s impressive.

The BFD. A hug made famous all over the world by the legacy media.
The BFD. What the legacy media won’t show you: Scott Morrison hugged by bushfire victims.

It is certainly a suitable response for a leader to show empathy with those affected by a disaster but in my view sporting the victim’s attire is somewhat OTT. Unfortunately, that’s what politics is about with some people. I might remind them it takes more than that to make a good leader. I think Australians should be careful what they wish for. A certain person parading about in fancy dress has the potential to do more damage to your country than bushfires ever will.

I will finish with a classic one-liner from digby on The BFD on Friday referring to Ardern and disasters. The comment was – “If it had happened in a brothel would she have rocked up in lingerie!” I can’t better that.

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