Stuart Nash has gone mad with power.

The current changes to the gun laws are bad enough but now Stuart Nash has moved to give the Police even MORE Power with even tougher gun laws. He’s gone mad with power and has become a menace.

The changes are being sold to the public as being about gangs but, as this video shows, ANY household that has a licensed gun owner in it will be able to be searched by the police without a warrant under these proposed new changes.

Ironically this latest power grab is considered controversial not so much because because it will be taking away people’s rights but because it could be viewed as racist as the majority of gang members targeted by the new law would be Maori.

[…] Police say Maori men are likely to be over-represented in the firearm prohibition orders and that the “very nature of FPOS constrain individual rights”.

[…] Police Minister Stuart Nash said today the proposal to bring in firearm prohibition orders (FPOs) would give police more power “to ensure high-risk individuals come nowhere near firearms”. […]

He says that at the same time that the Police have admitted that they have no ability to take firearms off gang members.

It comes after Police Commissioner Mike Bush fronted up at Parliament last week, revealing to MPs that more than 100 gang leaders have been contacted by police as part of efforts to get them to hand over guns.

He admitted to reporters that gang leaders were “reluctant” to hand over their guns.

That comment should win understatement of the year.

Despite the fact that some might support taking away everyone’s individual rights in order to try to take guns off the gangs, Stuart Nash has not considered what his party’s coalition partners will think about his latest mad scheme. Something tells me that NZ First is not going to be happy with his latest power grab nor will they allow the Police to have unfettered power like this without reference to the courts.

If Stuart Nash had listened to sensible people rather than take dictation from the police he would have looked up red flag legislation and copied that. But he didn’t, so we now have this over-reach. Oh well, it’s his political funeral.

With the Police all tooled up, running around poor suburbs in their blacked out Holden SUVs and then giving them this amount of power is only going to end in tears with innocent people being victimised.

It will only be a matter of time before we have our own Rodney King incident in South Auckland.

Stuart Nash is drunk on power and is presiding over the Americanisation of our Police force. He needs to stop.


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