Dear Editor

This is a letter I have sent to our local MP. I just cant believe how the National Party have been suckered by this climate change bulldust.

So National has supported the coalition’s Zero Carbon bill. I am so disappointed. Prior to the industrial revolution, except for the ruling elite, the normal state of human existence was perpetual poverty where people had nothing and eked out a living the best way they could. It was fossil fuels along with capitalism, property rights and liberty that enabled the  industrial revolution to come about. It is the industrial revolution, capitalism and liberty that has given us the prosperous and high standard of living we enjoy today in enzed.

Isn’t it the objective of the Zero Carbon bill to reduce the use of fossil fuels with the end goal to eliminate it and replace it with renewable energy? Won’t this bill give the state the power to dictate to business and others how they get to carry out their activities? Without an affordable and reliable source of energy our way of life as we know it will grind to a halt and we will go back to living as the people in the 15th century did; as poor peasants, while the ruling elite live like kings.

This climate change bulldust is a good excuse for the coalition of communists who are running this country (into the ground), to impose state control with regulations, taxes and the expansion of the state. Where the state dictates how we get to live, what we can and can’t do, where we no longer own our own lives and need permission from the state to exist, all in the name of ”climate change”, with the National party willingly supporting this journey down the road to serfdom.

The National party needs to revisit its 1936 founding principles. They were sound then and are sound now. The National party needs to compare the aftermath of the American revolution and the aftermath of the Russian revolution. The US created the constitution based on capitalism, individual rights and liberty, where endeavour and success was encouraged and the US became the greatest nation on earth. The Russians on the other hand, introduced state control and communism, just as the coalition would like to do, which turned the Soviet union into a poverty stricken concentration camp. When the Soviet union collapsed it was found to be one of the most polluted nations on earth. I just can’t believe how left wing and socialist the National party has become. 

Don W.

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