I have just returned from a very pleasant week away starting at the Taranaki Rhododendron Festival and then going to Wellington to meet with staff at the Taxpayers Union and catch up with friends. The time away was made more pleasant as there was only time for a cursory glance at articles referring to the sort of political madness I am about to comment on.

Climate Change. It would be interesting to take a look inside James Shaw’s cranium and investigate just what sort of grey matter resides therein. It must be a unique substance bearing in mind the neoteric utterances from the man. With the passing of his nonsensical climate change bill he wants us to believe that we are role modelling for other countries. Why don’t you pull the other one? We are not role modelling for anyone, certainly not for the world’s largest polluters. If James Shaw went anywhere near them he’d get the Churchillian salute and be told to get lost.

What is it with these climate change nutters and dreamers that they have this puerile notion that somehow the rest of the world is going to sit up and take notice of what we do when what we do is not going to make one iota of difference. He shows a momentary wisp of intelligence when he admits that the chances of global HEATING, (notice we’ve gone up a notch from warming), being curbed are slim. Reverting to type, he says that’s all the more reason to try. Poppycock.

His partner in crime, Jacinda Ardern, having her so called nuclear moment, appears to possess similar grey matter to Mr Shaw. She is not content with being a fast follower but wants us to be a world leader. This statement evidently brought loud applause from other nincompoop MPs on whom we are obviously wasting our hard earned money. The question has to be asked as to whether the Nats were among them. Jacinda, as we all know, while a naive believer, is simply pushing the UN agenda. The sooner she acquires a horse, calls it Fake News, and gallops off to join that useless outfit, the better.

Shaw’s other partner in crime is, regrettably, Simon Bridges and his band of spineless individuals. It is well past time the National Party grew a pair and came clean with the public as to exactly where they stand on climate change. At the moment they look like Jeremy Corbyn and his party on Brexit. They can’t decide if they are for or against. If, as Judith Collins says, the Bill is deeply flawed, it should not be supported. Saying you’ll support it but amend it when you’re in Government gives the perception of taking the easy way out. It is far from a good look.

David Seymour and Act are increasingly looking the goods, and not just on climate change. A party vote for Act is starting to look a more worthwhile proposition and one that deserves some serious consideration. Three or four Act members would do a hell of a lot more to keep National honest than Winston and his band of crazy cohorts. We are stuck with MMP, so we have to vote in such a way that best serves the interests of those on the right of the political spectrum.

Climate change is real in the sense that it has always been present. The blame for it becoming ridiculed sits firmly with James Shaw, Jacinda Ardern and, if he’s not careful, Simon Bridges and their like who persist in spreading fake information to further their own political ends.

National, you need to have a rethink and quick.


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