Russell Norman would be so proud. But this time, the Greenpeace Eco-Fascists have gone too far and an innocent member of the public has been injured.

Ahead of Thursday night’s Democratic primary debate in the USA, a group of Greenpeace activists suspended themselves from a Houston bridge to “resist Trump” and protest the oil industry.

The group of 11 protesters hanging from the Fred Hartman Bridge were aiming to block traffic in the Houston Ship Channel; a key location for the passage of oil-carrying ships.

But, as usual, the fools don’t care about the damage they cause; as long as people are talking about them.

Local TV station KHOU reported that the Greenpeace activists are being blamed for a Thursday morning crash on the bridge. Investigators from the local Constable’s Office said a van carrying the protesters blocked traffic and caused a motorist to swerve at the last second to avoid a collision.

That motorist was rear-ended by a second vehicle. One driver was treated for minor injuries at a local clinic. I hope Greenpeace have good lawyers.

At least the Green Loons are wearing crash protection!

But not only are they now causing actual injuries, they would also like to point out that, if you are giving them abuse for wearing plastic hard hats, glasses and vests and for driving in fossil-fuelled vehicles to the protest, then you are the problem, and they are not being hypocrites.

Ever heard the argument that climate protesters are hypocrites because they drive cars, use petroleum products and otherwise don’t practice what they preach? It’s a PR line designed to shut down criticism without addressing its substance, and, what’s worse, it’s a logical fallacy.

Ricochet Media

Or they could just be twats who have no clue that, to normal people, they just look like self-absorbed, deluded nutbars.

Whether you agree with them or not, climate activists are participating in a social debate over how we respond to climate change. They’re advocating for a broad shift away from fossil fuels and a corresponding investment in renewable energy.

Yeah, whatever, explaining is losing. No one is going to take you seriously when you drive a petrol-fuelled van to protest about oil use.

At least the local police dealt with them properly. Around a dozen protesters who were stationed on the bridge as ‘spotters’ for the swingers below were taken into custody early in the piece, but it took nearly twelve hours to remove the hanging clowns safely, an operation that involved dozens of SWAT officers, Fire and Ambulance personnel.

All protesters will likely face charges and, this being Texas, I would suggest that they may not wish to show their faces there again any time soon. As one local suggested;

Those [oil] tanks have been there for ever, if they don’t like it, well, maybe they should get out

I bet a few of the locals would have been happy to sort the problem out with a quick flick of a Stanley knife!


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