Disappointment, discomfort, disharmony, dishonour, despondency, despair, demoralisation, delusion – any or all of those words could apply to their present situation. They could not form a reputable and well-respected government and are increasingly mired in a mess of their own making. The alleged hijinks of the Maori Party have destroyed any credence the public might have had in a government of the left. Perception is everything and, whatever the outcome of the investigations into the alleged wrongdoing, a stench will linger.

The Maori Party, and to a lesser extent, the Greens, are ruining the political landscape for Labour. While Labour is the ‘innocent’ party as far as their partners’ alleged misdemeanours are concerned, unfortunately they cannot avoid being caught up in the resultant chaos. The Maori Party and the Greens have both proved they can’t be trusted with the reins of power. Giving the ‘baubles of office’ to those two parties is economic suicide for the country.

The Maori Party are ‘whistling in the wind’ about having their own parliament. Not only that, but they want 20 per cent of the tax revenue to pay for it. To use Cameron Slater’s terminology, they have ‘more cheek than a fat lady’s bum’. They have an economy of their own worth $70 billion on which no tax is paid, so, while contributing very little to the tax take, they want a share of it for racist purposes. Talk about the realms of fantasy.

They have a shameful attitude as to where they think they sit with respect to society as a whole. The fact is, Maori have been well looked after in terms of the wrongs of the past but, instead of showing gratitude, the party would have us believe they are more disadvantaged than ever.

The Greens are a mix of economic dullards, socialists and tree huggers. Globally, mining for minerals and coal is on the increase and production of electric vehicles is on the wane, particularly in America. And they are so obsessed with climate change, they appear to be in denial of the fact that whether New Zealand does something or nothing will make not a jot of difference in reduction of emissions. The farmers of this country have been doing considerable work for a long time towards ensuring a better environment. The only thanks from the previous Government was endless red tape and paperwork.

The Maori Party and the Greens are both, in their own spheres, dangerous to our democracy, our well being, our economic prosperity and our way of life. Both parties are incessantly ideologically driven, which removes them from the real world and any semblance of common sense. This does not bode well for Labour, whose Maori caucus may contain a few Maori Party sympathisers – Willie Jackson comes to mind.

This all plays right into the coalition’s hands. The alleged shenanigans at the Manurewa Marae come as no surprise to most of us. I think the Government should get involved and ensure that a wide-ranging inquiry is conducted as there could well be a lot more to come out.

This country can never be held to ransom by a minority of people absorbed with their own self interests. Democracy is something to be celebrated and respected. A watchful eye is needed.

A right-wing crusader. Reached an age that embodies the dictum only the good die young. Country music buff. Ardent Anglophile. Hates hypocrisy and by association left-wing politics.