The headline above is intended to highlight their behaviour but, unsurprisingly, it all also reflects the colours of their parties. I discovered this when researching the colours of the Maori Party. I came across the relevant information on a site called ‘The Fount’. The Fount is a team of designers with skills in the area of branding, web and graphic design. Before starting on the article proper it is worth noting how the party colour reflects the characteristics of the MPs who belong to it.

Looking to the right, The Fount says blue is a safe colour to use in branding. It suggests trust, honesty and reliability, but it also suggests a reluctance to change. National to a T. Yellow represents intellectualism and creative thinking. It is also associated with impatience, cowardice and a lack of compassion. Many would say ACT has got its colours right particularly in regard to intelligence and impatience.

Red is a vibrant colour representing creativity, passion and action. It also represents anger and left-wing socialist and communist views. Labour is very much the latter. The Greens need to add red to their green. Black is associated with mystery, sophistication and confidence. Negativity, intimidation and control are the less desirable qualities of this colour. I can’t quite work NZ First out but it would be more of the former description of black, while the Maori Party definitely espouses the latter.

So it’s not hard to understand the behaviour of the left in the current parliament. They truly represent the colours of their parties. Anger, left-wing socialist and communist views, negativity, intimidation and control are there for all to see in their words and their actions. Even in their dress sense the left look overall a shabby lot compared to the right. The right turn up looking like they are there to ‘get things done’. By contrast the left look like they don’t know how to, which of course is the story of their recent disastrous time in government.

The left have little vision but one is reminded of the inland taipan, which has the most toxic venom of any snake. And snakes they most certainly are. The present government is confirming this on an almost daily basis thanks to the hidden surprises appearing regularly. The left don’t seem capable of realising that their behaviour is in no way endearing them to the people whose vote they need to regain the Treasury Benches. Quite the opposite. The left triumvirate are showing everybody just what a despicable, incapable bunch they really are.

Their behaviour towards Minister for Children, Karen Chhour, is totally beyond the pale. It must be some of the worst conduct the House has ever witnessed. It defines them without doubt as an unsophisticated, incapable rabble, not worthy of being elected representatives nor indeed of the highly inflated salaries they collect at the taxpayer’s expense. The viciousness with which they attacked this minister is shocking and has no place in a democratic society. These types, who don’t believe in democracy, have no place sitting in the Chamber. They are a disgrace.

No minister, especially one who is trying to protect the lives of innocent children and babies, should have to put up with the abuse inflicted on Karen Chhour. I would go so far as to call them lowlifes. This lady, who has been a ward of the State, knows more than all of the ignoramuses on the left put together. They’re not interested in the welfare of the child. It’s all about, for the umpteenth time, ‘violating’ their precious Treaty of Waitangi. That, to them, is more important than any violation that might happen to the child. It’s an absolute ignominy.

All the MPs on the left are driving the parties of the Coalition closer together. They will, to a member, be disgusted with this level of behaviour. To vilify a minister in an abusively disparaging manner is beneath contempt. They leave an indelible stain on Parliament as an institution with the public perceiving that the House is falling short of the standards we the taxpayers expect of it. It is time the Speaker recognised this fact and took steps to ensure that Parliament gets back to where it is worthy of our respect.

Labour is weak and ineffective, the Greens are a shambles (one recently used the F-word in the Chamber) and the Maori Party are a bunch of dangerous activists who care about nothing except their own obnoxious agenda. The left contribute nothing because it is beyond their capabilities and they are there, at our expense, solely for the betterment of themselves. Nobody else. Not the parliament, not the people and not the country. It is an abomination that we are forced to fork out for them. They do not deserve a cent of our hard-earned money. They should begone and never show their faces again.

In a final insult to the voters, some on the left are suggesting Willie Jackson as Labour leader. Do these people have some sort of a death wish never to be in government again? It would appear so. Mind you, we on the right would love it to happen. Just think: no expensive election hoardings would be needed, there would barely be the need to campaign at all. Willie would do the job on our behalf.

As inanity mostly defines the left, there is every chance Willie could be the one they pick. I urge them to do so. Luxon debating Jackson would possibly be a ratings winner. Lead-ups to elections are normally pretty dreary affairs. Comedy and laughs are few and far between, which is another reason I urge Labour to seriously consider Willie. When considering a politician who could liven up a campaign and provide humour at the same time, Willie is it. His recent performance at Oxford University proves it.

I say to Labour, bring him on!

A right-wing crusader. Reached an age that embodies the dictum only the good die young. Country music buff. Ardent Anglophile. Hates hypocrisy and by association left-wing politics.