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There’s no limit to how much Inspired Idiots around the world hate oil companies.

It seems like almost every day there’s a story about protestors who superglue themselves to the pavement in order to block traffic. Or deface an art museum. Or interrupt a public sporting event.

Recently they even glitter-bombed the Constitution in Washington DC… because apparently the Founding Fathers caused climate change.

Bear in mind that everything these Inspired Idiots use to ‘protest’ is derived from oil.

The adhesive they use to glue their asses to the pavement is derived from oil. The plastic bottle that the glue comes in is derived from oil. The plastic glitter they use is derived from oil. The paint they use to deface buildings and artwork is derived from oil.

They travel to their protest sites by some means of transportation that, in some way, is powered by oil. Even the food that they eat is grown from oil-based fertilizers and harvested with tractors which use oil-based fuels.

Not to mention everything they consume is transported by planes, ships, trains, and trucks, which typically run on oil-based fuels.

But in addition to their blatant ignorance, their chosen tactics are laughably hypocritical.

These idiots go into the street and stop traffic, causing hours-long delays. The result? All those cars on the road are just sitting idle and burning more fuel. It sort of defeats the purpose of making the world cleaner and greener.

And their ‘solutions’ for a greener world are even more idiotic.

They demand, for example, that there should be no more oil, including heating oil. No more natural gas. No more wood-burning stoves (because the smoke will pollute the air).

So basically everyone in northern climates should just freeze to death… or move to an equatorial climate where no heating is required. Except that you’ll have to walk with your own two feet on plant-based sandals to make sure you don’t consume any oil on your way down to the tropics.

This is the hallmark of Inspired Idiots. They have no idea just how stupid they really are. They honestly believe that the world can ‘just stop oil’ and there won’t be catastrophic, Stone Age consequences.

But it all becomes even more remarkable when the government gets involved.

The city of Honolulu, Hawaii is currently suing Exxon Mobil, Shell, Sunoco, Chevron, and several other oil companies for causing climate change.

Now, plenty of groups have sued oil companies in the past over climate change… and generally these types of lawsuits have been thrown out by rational judges.

But the city of Honolulu is trying a new approach.

Instead of suing the companies for extracting and selling oil, they are suing for misleading the public on the dangers of their product.

And they claim the City of Honolulu has suffered direct damages, in the form of flooding, beach erosion, and damage to coral reefs.

Now, a sane judge would throw this case out. But lucky for the activists, they’re in the jurisdiction of the Hawaii courts.

Remember that, in February, the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled that “the spirit of Aloha” supersedes the US Constitution. So, it should be no surprise that the Hawaii Supreme Court has allowed this case against the oil companies to proceed.

The reality, of course, is that billions of people willingly choose each day to use oil in some capacity, including superglue and glitter.

And most rational people can probably understand that oil has literally fueled the innovation and growth that is responsible for our incredibly high standards of living.

So, suing the oil companies, and trying to ‘just stop oil’ is biting the hand that feeds.

Sure, it would be great to reduce oil consumption… Geez if only there were another technology that was multiples more energy efficient than oil, but was simultaneously clean and green?

Oh wait, that technology already exists. It’s called nuclear.

But the green fanatics don’t like nuclear either… because they are Inspired Idiots. So their one-track minds are focused on stopping oil.

Just imagine if Honolulu’s lawsuit succeeds, and the city is awarded punitive damages: it would open up the floodgates for class action lawsuits around the world. Every city, state, and country in the world would be able to sue in the name of climate change.

No oil company would survive, and no investor or entrepreneur would touch the sector. The cost of energy would skyrocket… which would increase the cost of everything. Powering your home. Heating your home. Food. Medicine. EVERYTHING.

It also means that the US will become almost completely dependent on foreign adversaries for its energy… Because guess which country dominates the market for solar panels, batteries, and the essential minerals they require? China!

So all of these lawsuits, Electric Vehicle mandates, solar panel pushes, etc., ultimately weaken US national security.

In fact, two former chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently commented that lawsuits like the Honolulu case absolutely threaten US national security by putting America’s energy independence at risk.

You’d think the guy with five decades of experience would understand this.

Yet even the President of the United States rarely misses an opportunity to demonize the oil companies and push the United States closer to depending on China for energy.

Mr Biden has blasted the oil companies for producing too much and causing climate change, but then complained that they weren’t producing enough oil when gas prices soared.

The self-proclaimed capitalist has also threatened to ‘go after’ the oil companies’ profits.

He passed punitive taxes deliberately to punish the industry. He breaks US federal law by refusing to auction off concessions of federal land. He requires outrageous climate regulations, including fanatical decrees from the SEC to disclose nebulous ‘climate liabilities’ to investors.

And naturally he supports these ridiculous charades, like Honolulu’s lawsuit against the oil companies.

It’s extraordinary how many Inspired Idiots have taken over some of the most important institutions in the country. The media. The education system. The White House. Some of the highest courts in the land.

The result of this cultural jihad is that we actually live in a world where extremely powerful people are deliberately trying to destroy their country’s most critical resource. It’s mind-blowing.

And it’s an obvious reason to have a Plan B.

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