JM White

The Independent, an online UK media platform, is 41 per cent owned by one Evgeny Lebedev. In July 2020, at age 40, Lebedev was nominated for a life peerage by Prime Minister Boris Johnson for philanthropy and services to the media. He was appointed to be a cross-bench life peer in the House of Lords as Lord Lebedev in November 2020. His full title is Baron Lebedev of Hampton in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and of Siberia in the Russian Federation.

Nobody in Russia made Lebedev Baron of Siberia. This was done in London by Boris Johnson when he thought Russia would be beaten after a short war and the US-UKers would just walk in and take control of the whole country and its resources. Siberia was one of the imaginary five constituent parts into which Russia was divided. Lebedev would have been the puppet controller of Siberia doing exactly what the US-UKers wanted him to do and by then only God would be able to help the Russian people. It seems many such plots were planned by US-UK plotters long before Russia began the special military operation on 24 February 2022. Details about this particular plot can be read in the Independent article written by Andrew Woodcock on Friday 31 July 2020.

Lebedev is actually worth only what his father passed on to him, which riches his father lathered himself with during glasnost and perestroika and the ensuing collapse of the Russian economy in 1991. Anybody who knows Russian history will understand what happened at that time. The Russians know. They named a species of rodent, Cricetulus sokolovi, and a species of legless lizard, Ophisaurus sokolovi after Lebedev’s grandfather Vlad Sokolov. The Russian sense of humour: understated but straight to the point.

Fast forward to 2022, when it looked as though Zelensky would listen to Putin and sign a peace deal drawn up and conditionally signed in Istanbul in May. The war the US-UKers had worked so long and so hard for might not eventuate. Boris Johnson fluffed his hair and flew to Kiev and said not to sign anything at all but ‘let’s just continue fighting’ and then hurried back to the safety of England. The war in Ukraine could have been over in three months but for him. He might look like one, but he’s no clown our Boris.

Zelensky’s reward for obeying UK orders? The Highgrove House Estate that belonged to Charles and Diana and where they raised William and Harry is reported to have been purchased by Zelensky. Fact checked? Not yet, but a deal was closed on 29 February 2024 for someone. Zelensky may not own property in Florida as claimed and ‘fact checked’ by Newsweek, but he does own a property in London in Regent’s Park as well as a network of off-shore businesses (source: the Pandora Papers). This is how wartime money gets spent. The taxpayers stump up over US$170 billion but before one dollar has been spent on materiel and providoring for the troops, many blood-stained hands have transferred much of the money into offshore bank accounts. Not until the looters have been satiated does what is left make its way to the people. Now there are whole villages in the Ukraine where there are no fighting age men because they are dead. The birth rate in the Ukraine is one of the lowest in the world at 0.7 per woman in 2023. Male life expectancy is 57 years. The birthrate has gone down, the death rate has gone up and emigration is the choice of anyone who can do it and the country will never recover demographically.

Yet the US-UKers still want the war to continue. All the sanctions they have put in place to try and destroy Russia’s economy, plus threats to confiscate $300 billion in Russian assets have only warned other countries what the US-UKers are capable of doing. No citizen of the West will ever benefit from what these warmongers do: not economically and certainly not culturally. Nor will the countries they plan to ‘liberate’ – as Libya, with its disappeared gold reserves, Afghanistan and Iraq found out. These actions and all our recorded history prove beyond doubt that it is not power that corrupts, but that power attracts the already corrupt.

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