Who remembers the song “Sailing Away”, the song that became the anthem for our hopes of winning the America’s Cup in 1987? The song, sung to the tune of “Pokarekare Ana” by many local singers and personalities, was number one on the singles charts for nine weeks: a record (if you’ll pardon the pun) held until 2009. If you need reminding, here are the lyrics:

Here we come and we are sailing
Here we come, we’re on our way
In a boat just called New Zealand
We’re together, that’s our way

One people on the water
One people on the land
It’s New Zealand all together
Kiwis working hand in hand

Sailing away, sailing away
New Zealand can do it
Take it away

YouTube/NZ Media Archive

Lyrics, pure and simple, but they brought this country together in a positive and meaningful way. How times have changed, and they do, inevitably, but not always for the better. This was borne out recently at the SailGP event in Lyttelton. On the Saturday there was no ‘sailing away’; in fact, as we know, there was no sailing at all as there was a dolphin, or maybe a few, in the proximity of the event course.

This sort of nonsense has ramifications way beyond sailing. It is the sort of bureaucratic humbug that has been holding this country back, and to ransom, ever since Jacinda Ardern took to the podium at one o’clock every day to spout her communist diatribe. We were effectively put in chains and given home detention until she, as the judge, jury and jailer, decided we were ready for parole. That woman, and her miscreants, have done untold damage to this country for which she and the recently departed Grant Robertson should feel a profound sense of guilt.

But they don’t, because they both have no understanding of the real world, are ideologically driven, and are devoid of any comprehension of the negative outcome of their actions. So many things, including health, education, law and order and the economy are in a parlous state solely due to their dastardly deeds. Labour are completely unfit for office and since the election it is obvious from their puerile behaviour and pathetic utterances they have learnt nothing from their well-earned demise. They are led by a little boy, and the rest make up the kindergarten. It’s Playschool on steroids.

All of the above contributed to the global embarrassment that undoubtedly ensued from the SailGP debacle. Russell Coutts had every right to sound off as he did. He, as the man in charge of the sailing operation, was let down by his own country. Let down because, under Ardern’s regime, minority groups have been able to assert undue influence in far too many areas. From Maori activists to dolphin protectors, they have been allowed free rein to take rule what is to happen according to their small areas of interest.

This has to stop; the government has to take back control. It is heartening to see Minister of Resources Shane Jones making sure of that. The government will decide matters through fast-track legislation. Working groups and minority groups will be largely shut out. That is how you get the country moving, back on track and into productivity and prosperity. Ardern and her way were tantamount to ‘welcome to the third world’. What Shane is doing needs to extend to every area of government: seek advice where advisable, but act fast on all fronts.

Luxon’s catch cry is ‘we are a government that gets things done’. I, for one, believe him, but it has to happen across the board, even at SailGP. Russell Coutts must be left in no doubt he and his event are more than welcome here and the government will ensure all obstacles are removed so it can be held under the auspices of ‘plain sailing’. The country cannot be beholden to the Department of Conservation, dolphin lovers, iwi or anyone else who seeks to stand in the way. This is the sort of carry-on that is destroying the country. By the way, I do love dolphins.

The dolphin may be an endangered species but, if this stupidity is allowed to continue, we, the population, will be joining them. As Shane Jones said in regard to mining, if a blind frog gets in the way then goodbye Freddy. In the case of SailGP, if a deaf dolphin gets in the way, then I’m afraid it’s goodbye Opo. Minority groups do have a place but reason and reality must prevail. We cannot have self-interest organisations dictating to the masses as to how things are run.

It is looking promising that the current administration is up to the task. I have always held to the view that politics and sport shouldn’t mix. However, when an economic benefit is involved and the global reputation of the country is at stake, government intervention is the proper course of action. It is to be hoped that the current impasse can be resolved and SailGP can be assured of staging a successful event devoid of the embarrassments of this year.

The minority groups in this country give lie to the lyrics of the song printed above. They are ensuring we are no longer together: that’s no longer our way. Willie Jackson and his ilk are ensuring we are no longer one people on the sea or the land. They don’t want people all together or Kiwis working hand in hand. It’s divide and conquer. Winston and David see that and are on board. Chris needs to complete the walk up the gangplank and join them. As the song says, New Zealand can do it. Take it away.

Take it away in the context we are currently talking means all the rules, regulations and red tape put in place by the previous plundering pirates. We need never again to be reminded of Ardern and her six years of hypocrisy, hate and hubris. She, her band of buccaneers and their policies need to be consigned to where, in Shakespeare’s words from The Tempest, “Full fathom five thy father lies”. Only 30 feet down unfortunately, but at least heading in the right direction. The Government has to start somewhere. We wish them Godspeed.

PS: Bruce Cotterill has an excellent article on this topic in the Weekend Herald.

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