The raising of a rainbow flag on a Norfolk Pine tree outside Destiny Church at Wiri in South Auckland this morning has led to an alleged assault being investigated by the police.

However, Destiny Church has hit back, describing the claims as “mischief-making” and suggesting the tree climber already had a black eye before being spoken to by church’s security personnel. […]

Police said inquiries are still under way to establish exactly what took place at Druces Rd, and whether an assault occurred, but confirmed there were no injuries reported as a result of the incident.

NZ Herald

Media were busy updating after the Destiny Church’s press release, but Newshub didn’t want to back down:

In response to Destiny Church’s statement, Wedding told Newshub they “100 per cent gave me the black eye”.

“My colleague, who was filming, was just shoved and told to back up, but I was punched in the head, eye and jaw.”


Destiny Church’s full press release:

Some media agencies have already reported an unfactual story, without seeking clarification or comment from Destiny Church. This is not balanced and fair reporting. We refer to the stories printed by NZ Herald and NewsTalk ZB.

Please find Destiny Church’s statement below:

Today the above social media post came to our attention from Zane Wedding. This individual’s story is incorrect. This individual is just mischief-making, looking to make headlines to wind up the rainbow community and to make Destiny Church look bad.

Our security team noted that a prowler was on the church’s private property, and the prowler proceeded to climb a tree to erect a flag. The police were called. The local Manukau police attended, and they will confirm our story if NewsHub would like to contact them. The police said no action was necessary on their part.

Our security team and the police noted that the guy already had a black eye, so I sincerely hope he is not trying to accuse us of this, for the sake of a bit of drama to suit their case.

The media should not repeat this individual’s lies.

A contribution from The BFD staff.