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Political historian Michael Bassett CNZM is the author of 15 books, was a regular columnist for the Fairfax newspapers and a former Minister in the 1984-1990 governments


With the news that TV 3 is soon to close its doors, the need for TV One to be brought up to a satisfactory standard has become urgent. In its current state, it is little more than a bulletin board for left-wing reporters and programmers who make up TV One’s staff. 

Since it seems that Melissa Lee, the Broadcasting Minister, hasn’t spoken to TV One’s Chief Executive, or if she has, the CEO has no intention of taking any notice, it is to the Prime Minister that our desire for an improvement in journalistic standards should be directed.

Not only that, TV One also needs an influx of more professional reporters. Moving the hopelessly woke John Campbell off into retirement would be a positive start, and giving all the reporters a stern talking to about modern journalistic requirements is fundamental. 

And, while the Prime Minister is about it, Radio New Zealand needs a tune-up as well. It suffers from some of the same failures in professional conduct as TV One

Since it looks like we, the watching and listening public, are to be largely dependent on state media outlets after 30 June, NOW is an opportune time for the shake-up to begin. If it starts now, we could be ready with a refreshed broadcasting service by the time TV 3 departs the scene.

The two people to approach are:

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