New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science


This Thursdayon the anniversary of our protest to parliament, we need to meet again. To call for the cessation of COVID injections and a full unbiased investigation. See Event Details.

In the heart of democracy, beneath the looming edifice of the New Zealand Parliament, a beacon of hope once flickered amidst the tumultuous storm of oppressive mandates. This beacon, known to many as Camp Freedom, emerged not merely as a gathering in 2022 but as a symbol of unwavering resistance and unity against the onslaught of restrictions that sought to tether the very essence of our liberty.

Image Credit: NZDSOS
Image Credit: NZDSOS
Image Credit: NZDSOS
Image Credit: NZDSOS
Image Credit: NZDSOS

The Genesis of Resistance

Two years have elapsed since Camp Freedom carved its indelible mark outside the gates of power, serving as a testament to the collective spirit of individuals who dared to question, to challenge, and to demand transparency and truth. It was here, amidst the laughter of children and the solidarity of citizens, that the narrative of compliance was boldly confronted by the narrative of evidence, reason, and freedom.

Doctors, scientists, and advocates of truth such as Dr. Manny Garcia, Dr. Matt Shelton, and Dr. Anne O’Reilly lent their voices, echoing the sentiments of an increasingly concerned public that refused to be silenced. Their speeches, imbued with facts and fervour, served as a clarion call to those who had been marginalized by the mainstream narrative.

The Unyielding Spirit of Camp Freedom

Despite the peaceful intentions of its participants, Camp Freedom faced the brunt of an establishment unwilling to engage in dialogue, culminating in a display of force that sought to dismantle not just tents but the very foundations of our rights and dignity. However, the spirit of Camp Freedom remains unbroken, its message undiminished by the passage of time.

A Renewed Call to Action

As we stand on the precipice of another monumental gathering this Thursday, 29 Feb, at 1:00 pm in front of Parliament, it is imperative that we rekindle the flame of Camp Freedom with even greater fervour. We convene not as remnants of a bygone protest but as bearers of a crucial message that demands immediate attention and action.

Join us in Wellington Thursday

This year, we will gather again. On Thursday, 29 Feb 1:00 pm, we will meet in front of the Parliament building to peacefully show that we have not forgotten why we were there initially two years ago and to hand over a letter to politicians demanding an immediate halt to the dangerous jabs. The mandated covid injections need to cease pending a full inquiry. We invite you to join us there.


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Express your thoughts to decision-makers. Let’s rally behind impactful messages to ensure the media and government take notice.

The call for an immediate cessation of injections until a comprehensive investigation is conducted is not merely a plea but a demand rooted in the principles of health, autonomy, and informed consent. It is a demand backed by an ever-growing body of evidence that questions the efficacy and safety of these interventions.

The Power of Unity

This gathering is a manifestation of our collective resolve to seek justice and accountability. It is an opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow advocates, united by a common cause that transcends individual differences. Our presence is a powerful testament to the enduring spirit of humanity’s quest for truth and freedom.

Join Us in Solidarity

Let this Thursday be a turning point, a moment when we collectively assert our right to make informed choices about our health and our future. Bring your signs, your voices, and your unwavering commitment to the cause. Together, let us advocate for a peaceful resolution and demand the scrutiny that this critical issue warrants.

The legacy of Camp Freedom lives on through each of us. It is a legacy that speaks of courage, unity, and the relentless pursuit of truth. Join us as we write the next chapter in this ongoing struggle for freedom and justice.

Together, we are unstoppable. Together, we will prevail.

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