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A prize-winning science graduate in molecular biology. She has given keynotes about the medical revolution, gene technology and aging at conferences. She hosted a children’s TV series on Channel Nine, and has done over 200 radio interviews, many on the Australian ABC. She was formerly an associate lecturer in Science Communication at the ANU. She’s author of The Skeptics Handbook which has been translated into 15 languages.


Add it to the list. A survey of owners of 330,000 vehicles found that EVs experience 80% more problems than petrol and gas-powered cars.

So EVs cost more to fuel and take longer to arrive on long-distance journeys. They sometimes burn down ships, destroy airport carparks, and kidnap drivers. They are a national security risk, and a burden on electrical grids. Because they are heavier they create more potholes, wear out tyres faster, increase road noise and air pollution (from tyre particles). They also increase wear and tear on bridges and multistory carparks.

EVs are on the verge of becoming uninsurable partly because near new EVs may have to be written off after a scratch, and all EVs need large, empty spaces to be stored so they don’t destroy the cars around them.

And in the end, they barely reduce national fuel consumption, and no one even knows if EVs will reduce CO2 emissions.

On average, electric vehicles are less reliable than other cars and trucks, Consumer Reports finds

By Tom Kriser, CBC News

Electric vehicles have proved far less reliable, on average, than gasoline-powered cars, trucks and SUVs, according to the latest survey by Consumer Reports, which found that EVs from the 2021 through 2023 model years encountered nearly 80 per cent more problems than did vehicles propelled by internal combustion engines.

Consumer Reports said EV owners most frequently reported troubles with battery and charging systems as well as flaws in how the vehicles’ body panels and interior parts fit together. The magazine and website noted that EV manufacturers are still learning to construct completely new power systems, and it suggested that, as they do, the overall reliability of electric vehicles should improve.

Some problems are worse than others:

Image Credit: DailyMail

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