So, Australia’s taxpayer-funded national broadcaster is running Hamas propaganda campaigns, now?

Because that’s the upshot of the featured story on the ABC today, which is wall-to-wall hand-wringing over terrorists getting their just desserts and tendentious justification for Hamas’ murderous rule. And, of course, lots of lying attacks on Israel.

By contrast, what Hamas did to Jews merits a single line — with no mention at all of what its atrocities actually entailed.

Instead, it’s all praise of Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups.

Samah Shehadeh shrugs and speaks matter-of-factly when talking about her dead son.

“I’m proud. I’m full of pride that my son is following that path, thank God,” she says.

That “path” is terrorism.

Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers shot and killed Jihad Eshhada in the West Bank city of Tulkarem on November 6.

As a militant leader in the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, the 24-year-old had a target on his back.

“Militant leader”? Try, “high-ranking terrorist” — the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade is designated a terror group by not just Israel, but European Union, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States.

Note, too, how the ABC tries to whitewash a Palestinian war crime:

Video of the operation, which took place in the afternoon, shows several special forces soldiers ambushing Jihad’s car in a refugee camp in the city.

The squad fired multiple rounds into the vehicle. Israel says a Hamas commander was in there too, and killed.

So, terrorists are hiding out among refugees. Tell us again, how they’re “freedom fighters”.

Oh, you better bet the ABC is about to do just that.

Jihad’s uncle Nouraldein Ibrahim Eshhada, describ[ed] his nephew as a “freedom fighter” […]

Sameh says she’s proud of what both organisations [Hamas and Fatah] are doing.

“Yes, of course. Of course. Why shouldn’t we be proud?”

At least the ABC does us the service of proving that the distinction between terrorists and “innocent civilians” in Palestine is practically non-existent.

A November 14 poll by the West Bank-based Arab World for Research and Development claimed 87.7 per cent of people in that territory had a positive view of Hamas.

The same poll showed that over 70% of Palestinians support the October 7 massacre.

An atrocity that the ABC barely acknowledges, in a single, anodyne sentence:

Hamas militants attacked Israel on October 7, killing an estimated 1,200 people and taking another 240 hostage.

ABC Australia

And that’s it.

The only thing you can say in the ABC’s defence is that it’s tailoring its propaganda to its target audience.

Scum like this:

Pro-Palestine activists have sparked outrage after 20 demonstrators stormed a hotel where loved ones of Israeli victims and hostages were staying in Melbourne’s CBD.

Remember, the Israelis are people who would have had to confront the bloody reality of Hamas’ savagery, including butchered babies. Which makes the actions of these extremists doubly disgraceful.

When they returned to their hotel they were met with the ‘frightening’ protesters, many holding Palestinian flags.

The group had also thrown baby dolls covered in fake blood on the floor.

Daily Mail Australia

Remember how our so-called “intelligence” authorities have been finger-wagging us for years about “the threat of right-wing extremism”? Somehow, they missed the festering boil of leftist anti-Semitism.

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