New Zealand’s latest immigration figures tell a story being heard right across the West. Child-rearing age New Zealanders are fleeing their country in droves: now more so than ever. And they’re being more than replaced by child-bearing age migrants from the Global South.

But that’s all just a coincidence, I’m sure.

I mean, it’s not as if New Zealand’s media and political class are openly saying that they want to make New Zealand “less white”, oops, “more diverse”.

But first, the numbers.

New Zealand has experienced a record net exodus of New Zealand citizens in the year ending September 2023, with 44,735 leaving the country, setting a new record.

However, this void appeared to be filled with a record influx of overseas migrants, contributing to an overall gain of more than 118,000 people.

The substantial net migration gain included 163,570 non-New Zealand citizens, consisting of 210,646 migrant arrivals and 47,077 migrant departures.

These non-New Zealand citizens were mostly from India, the Philippines, Fiji, and South Africa, with the easing of COVID-19 border restrictions and “changes to immigration settings” contributing to this surge.

More notable about this great displacement of New Zealanders by migrants is the age demographics.

Young adults appear to be driving migration, as the statistics show that those aged 18 to 44 accounted for 67 percent of non-New Zealand citizens arrivals.
Among departing New Zealand citizens, 39 percent of people were aged between 18 and 30, while 61 percent were aged 31 or higher.

A major pull factor for New Zealanders fleeing the land of co-governance is that Australia has put a big ol’ sugar bowl out.

An interesting factor contributing to the exodus of New Zealand citizens is a new direct citizenship pathway in Australia.

In August, Immigration Minister Andrew Giles said that 15,000 of Australia’s “closest friends” had applied for citizenship in six weeks, following the new path for citizenship opening up on July 1, 2023.

“Australia and New Zealand share a common bond,” he said. “The government’s common-sense change has created a pathway to citizenship for so many who have been living and working in Australia for years and contributing to our local communities,” Mr. Giles said.

Stats NZ’s population indicators manager Tehseen Islam noted that the majority of the record departures went to Australia.

The Epoch Times

Oh, but Lushy, you wacky conspiracy theorist, you, it’s not as if there’s a concerted push to permanently alter New Zealand’s demographics! Whoever heard of the chattering elite wringing their hands that New Zealand is still too “white”? Or openly bragging that they’re making the country browner, I mean, “more diverse”?

Have you ever noticed your town seems very … white? Any chance you’re in the South Island?

It’s there you’ll find the face of modern New Zealand still looks distinctly European – and it’s a sensitive issue for councils, ahead of next month’s local elections.

“Sensitive”, only in that they can’t openly come out and say, “We’re replacing you, whitey”.

That doesn’t mean that that’s not what they’re doing, though.

Waimakariri, north of Christchurch, was 95.22 per cent European in 2013, a slight drop from 96.97 per cent in 1996 as its population has grown and shifted.

But why is it still so white today?

You can almost hear the sneering disdain of the (notably paleface) Stuff reporter as she spits out the word “white”. Just as you can almost hear the terrified grovelling of the region’s mayor.

Waimakariri District Council says that’s not a fair question.

We’re sorry we’re so white! We’ll change, we promise!

Mayor David Ayers said […] the council was actively encouraging ethnic diversity, both through its recruitment practices, and in a programme “specifically targeting the assimilation of newcomers to the district”, especially those whose first language wasn’t English.

But there’s no “replacement” going on, you nasty conspiracy theorist. No matter that all the councils quoted were all too eager to trot out their non-white credentials, and how positively desperate they are to welcome “diverse” migrants.

Meanwhile, Stuff thoroughly approves that “Europeans” (whispers: whites) are on track to become a minority in Auckland.

Auckland now sits just behind Opotiki for the lowest proportion of Europeans (59 per cent, down from 73.21 in 1996) while its Maori population also fell slightly over that period (from 12.63 per cent in 1996 to 11.37 per cent in 2013) […]

Statistics New Zealand projects that by 2038, just 43 per cent of Auckland’s population will be European, with 34 per cent Asian, 18 per cent Pasifika and 13 per cent Maori.

Note, too, that it’s not just the Pakeha who are getting the boot in Auckland: Maori are getting shoved out, too.

And, just to prove there’s no agenda afoot to replace wicked whitey, Auckland Council totally doesn’t have a bureaucrat whose only job is to do just that.

Sharply focused on its evolving demography, Auckland Council has a “head of diversity and inclusion”, Deborah James, who says it’s a council priority to encourage the city’s “super diversity”.

“[It] means we have a unique and rich culture, and different perspectives that are making Auckland more interesting, attractive and successful.”


Note the loaded language: towns are either just “white”, or they’re “more interesting, attractive and successful”.

Because if there’s one thing “white” places aren’t, apparently, it’s interesting, attractive and successful.

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