Want to show everyone you love The BFD as your ‘one source of truth’? Well, now you can. This year we launched The BFD Merch store.

We have t-shirts, sportswear, polo shirts, hats, jackets, shorts, sweatshirts, mugs and Sonovamin and Boomslang wall art, shopping bags and accessories.

We do not hold stock, each order is fulfilled as it comes in. We’ve tested the systems and where possible items are printed and delivered from New Zealand. Some items are fulfilled from Australia and take slightly longer to arrive.

We have chosen five cartoons from Boomslang:

wall art

And five from Sonovamin:

wall art

Sales of cartoons are split evenly between The BFD and the cartoonist.

If there is a cartoon you’d like to be added that you think others would enjoy then you can email store[at]thebfd.co.nz to request a particular cartoon and we will add it to the store.

As part of our testing, I’ve been wearing the performance sports t-shirt at physio. It is really comfortable and light for doing Pilates in.


Shop with confidence with your BFD ‘Your One Source of Truth’ shopping bags. Guaranteed to really upset the Karens as you shop.


And don’t forget your morning cuppa in a BFD mug:


There is something for everyone, and we will certainly be adding more products to the range.

Hit the store now, and get your merch sorted.

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