The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.

Ronald Reagan

The word resilience is everywhere on socialist sites. It’s certainly being used at the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF has a 20-page White Paper titled The Resilience Compass: Navigating Global Value Chain Disruption in an age of Uncertainty. They also have A Resilience Consortium which will “work to unlock synergies, accelerate collective action and enable a more systemic approach to investing in resilience economies and societies”. 

Not unexpectedly Jacinda Ardern is copying and using the same WEF buzzword. It sounds intelligent and helpful. It came as no surprise to hear the new word resilience creep into her recent speech in Singapore. There is perceptible emphasis on that word. She is a WEF disciple and here to help.

Short snippet – Watch 1:54 – 2:29.

The third area is continuing to build resilience across regional supply and global and working together to promote policies and initiatives that will build greater resilience.

And another short snippet – Watch 4:15 – 4:27.

Singapore is a logistical expert. We send 20 per cent of our exports through these hubs. By working together, we can improve the entire supply chain resilience for New Zealand exporters. (emphasis Ardern)

The Left love catchphrases, slogans, and repeating words to get their ideology lodged into their citizens’ minds. The socialist leaders around the world used the mantra Build Back Better (BBB). No one knows what it means. It sounds like going backwards and forwards at the same time, which of course is impossible unless you’re running around in circles. Ardern, however, must have thought BBB was very clever, so she mimicked the other world leaders and used it many times. Kiwis got tired of hearing the #build back better catch phrase, as Ardern and her government are not known to build anything – nothing worthwhile, let alone anything better.

Kiwibuildless. Cartoon credit SonovaMin

Everything has worsened under this government – poverty, truancy rates in schools, shootings: now a daily occurrence, high unemployment, cost of living crisis, homelessness, business failures and thousands of Kiwis leaving for greater opportunities overseas.  Ardern’s election promises – to eliminate child poverty (the reason she got into politics) and improve other areas such as mental health – have ended in dismal failures. Would anyone believe Ardern can help build resilience into Kiwis’ lives, in New Zealand as a country, or in a global sense, as she stated in Singapore?

If my guess is right, Kiwis will see the word resilience increasingly, as Ardern follows along with the WEF global group think-fest – The Resilience Consortium.

They appear to be expecting more global disruptions,

They bring together ministers, chief executives and heads of international organizations to accelerate collective action across key resilience drivers for the global economy. It provides a unique opportunity to business and public sector leaders to participate in a global effort to develop a deeper and more integrated perspective on resilience management. The main goal of the Consortium is to form the basis for all participating institutions to understand how to better anticipate, prepare and react to future disruptions.

(Emphasis mine)

Steering Committee Partners:

•    AstraZeneca AB

•    Gulf International Bank (UK)

•    International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

  •  McKinsey & Company

•    Ministry of Finance of Saudi Arabia

•    Ministry of Information Communication Technology and Innovation of Rwanda

•    Ministry of International Cooperation of Egypt

•    Palo Alto Networks

•    Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd

•    Tradeshift

•    United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

•    World Economic Forum Geneva

•    Yara International ASA

There are many questions. How is Ardern going to help make the supply chain resilient, when here in NZ she refuses to grant the desperately required resource consent allowing the Port of Tauranga to expand their wharf?

How is she going to build digital resilience? How is Ardern going to help young people become resilient with soaring mental health issues and no jobs? How is she going to build resilience into the economy when thousands are leaving the country?  Thinking Kiwis know to ignore Ardern’s woke declarations.   


Some of the WEF links referencing ‘resilience’.  



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