• Work from home
  • A vibrant online office with over 40 Staff
  • Room for creativity
  • The position is 100% online and all communication with staff is online. (Perfect for Introverts!)

Recent experience with the latest version of WordPress is essential.

This position is suitable for an ex-journalist or teacher or an experienced proofreader. We will also consider anyone with a very high standard of English such as someone with an English degree.

Weekend Editor responsibilities overview:

  1. Create or select images for articles
  2. Check that the headline has a high score. Rewrite it if it doesn’t.
  3. Select articles to republish
  4. Select, load, edit and schedule original content and republished content
  5. Communicate and co-ordinate with different teams inside our Online office.
  6. Edit, load and schedule quizzes
  7. Select and publish press releases
  8. Use article templates provided for consistency of presentation

**Be aware that due to the nature of the work it is not a 9-5 position. You can start work as early or as late in the morning as you choose but as some content doesn’t arrive until the evening you will be expected to log back in to complete it after dinner. It is not unusual to finish work at 10 pm in the evening.

This is a position for a contractor.

We are offering $250 including GST a day so $500 including GST per weekend.

We may consider a job share arrangement but ideally, we want someone who can commit to working every weekend.

NOTE: Please Do NOT ring me.

If you are interested please e-mail me your cover letter and CV

sb at


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