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Everything in this series of articles is my own opinion. My decisions are my own and not recommendations to anyone else. While at this stage I have chosen not to vaccinate against covid, I have taken a considerable amount of time and effort to help improve my odds, not just against Covid, but all infectious diseases.

Mandates. Cartoon Credit: Tim Ordei. The BFD.

13. Covid is now a business model.

The Great Barrington Declaration recommending “Focused Protection” rather than lockdowns was authored by Sunetra Gupta Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, University of Oxford, Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine, Standford University, and Martin Kulldroff, Professor of Medicine, Harvard University, was signed by over 60,000 scientists and doctors – hardly a small fringe group. They argue, with plenty of evidence to back up their claims, that the collateral damage of current policies has been more damaging than what would have resulted from Covid.

There are so many vested interests in maintaining the status quo. It’s ironic that all those either making the policy decisions or who are the gatekeepers of information have nothing to lose and everything to gain from lockdowns and mass vaccination. These strategies have failed to stop the spread of Covid and have instead left a trail of economic destruction while only protecting the rich, who have benefited immensely over the last 2 years. But for the poor it’s a completely different story that has brought economic devastation, homelessness, poverty, suicidal ideation, social isolation, and domestic violence.

What would convince me to take the vaccine?

I am being forced into a position where my decision will have no positive outcomes. If I am wrong, I’ll be forever characterised as an idiot and can expect a lot of humiliation. But if I’m right there are so many ways this could go badly for all of us. Long term health problems because of the vaccine, division and civil unrest, a huge loss of trust in public health, and policy precedents that can’t or won’t be undone, to name but a few.

I have been told to take a new drug (three times), for a variant it wasn’t designed for, from a company I don’t trust and for a new disease that we still don’t fully understand. And I’m told it is totally safe by politicians whom I rarely believe, who don’t care and refuse to listen or debate the evidence.

In my lifetime I’ve seen far too many cases of well-researched mainstream narratives go south. I just see too many red flags to be convinced the vaccine should be mandatory.


I’d possibly consider taking the vaccine if…

1. Aspiration was the standard procedure for administering the vaccine.

2. There were no vaccine certificate; this should be a decision arrived at between myself and a doctor – not by someone who doesn’t know my medical history, in a parking lot. The vaccine mandate is dehumanising health care and it has the potential to cause a massive amount of damage to the reputation of the medical profession.

3. Every time case numbers were broadcast or requests asking people to get a vaccine, the public is also informed that the best thing they can do to prevent severe outcomes of Covid and protect their community is to lose weight, check vitamin D levels, exercise, reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption, and to not eat junk food. If they choose not to, that’s fine, but if they don’t, they have no right pointing the finger at those that aren’t vaccinated.

4. The financial relationship between Big Pharma and the US regulatory bodies was removed. And ensure all trials are conducted by independent researchers – not companies that financially benefit from the sale of the drugs. All trial data has to be made public for peer review.

5. It weren’t called a vaccine. It should be called, a “Synthetic Pathogen”. Its lack of effectiveness is going to give real vaccines a really bad rap. There are a lot of people out there, fully vaccinated, that truly believe they can’t catch Covid. This year Merriam-Webster changed the definition of “vaccine”. I assume this was so the new mRNA technology would be more easily accepted by the public.

6. The definition of the word “anti-vaxxer” was changed. The definition now reads “A person who opposes the use of vaccines or regulations mandating vaccination”. Change it back to just opposing vaccines.

7. Patients were taken seriously when they come forward with severe health conditions after being vaccinated and treated with respect. Make it mandatory for their injuries to be reported. And stop saying, “There is nothing to see here.”

8. We stopped calling mainstream news outlets “news”. They are an advertorial for the incumbent political parties and the corporations that pay them. Tell the truth and stop trying to silence or mock those who disagree with the current narrative. If someone asks a question, just answer it. If you don’t have an answer – look for it. That’s what journalists used to do. NO ONE IS THE SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH, especially not a politician.

9. Politicians were banned from having social media accounts. They should be basing their decisions on research, evidence, their convictions, and their vision. Not Likes.

10. There were a new government that can understand what the terms logic and common sense mean.

11. It may also be helpful to stop ridiculing the unvaccinated. Wanting to do our own research and being reluctant to blindly take the word of politicians or multinational corporates who want to sell us a product, are not the signs of an idiot.

Don’t Take My Advice

But what do I know?

I have been critical of mainstream medicine, vaccine policy, government overreach, and it’s probably obvious by now that I think the pharmaceutical industry is seriously broken with a need for a complete regulatory overhaul. But that is not saying that many of the drugs available aren’t saving millions of lives. I’m more than happy to use them if I was convinced it would improve my outcome – but that is a risk analysis to be made between myself and my doctor – no one else should be involved, especially not the government.

Everything on this list is my own opinion. My decisions are my own and not recommendations to anyone else. While at this stage I have chosen not to vaccinate against Covid, I have taken a considerable amount of time and effort to help improve my odds, not just against Covid, but all infectious diseases. I only eat whole foods, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t consume sugar, and take exercise regularly, along with many other non-medicated interventions. Covid has been an amazingly good motivator.

From what I have learnt so far, Covid (especially Omicron) isn’t bad enough and the vaccine isn’t good enough, and the system is too corrupt, for vaccination to be mandatory. It should be a choice without consequence. But for those that are immune-compromised, overweight and elderly, the vaccine despite the risks (which seem considerably more than admitted), looks like a very good option. It won’t protect you from infection, but it does seem like it increases your chance of staying out of the hospital.

Everyone should carefully weigh up their options. Just because someone isn’t overweight doesn’t mean they will have a healthy immune response. Many of those with normal weight can have metabolic syndrome, due to a diet high in alcohol, refined carbohydrates, sports drinks and gels. Athletes who overtrain, or have a history of steroid use may also be particularly susceptible to a poor Covid outcome.

You are responsible for your own health, with the guidance of a doctor you trust.

What Would I Do?

It’s easy to complain from the couch without providing any solutions. So what do I think should have been done instead? 
I thought the concept of focused protection presented in the Great Barrington Declaration, written in 2020 was a well thought out argument for the best way forward in dealing with the pandemic. Dr Jay Bhattacharya, one of the authors has said, the paper had two intentions:

1) They wanted to help the public understand that, contrary to the prevailing narrative, there was no scientific consensus in favour of lockdowns.

2) Be a catalyst to generate discussion amongst the scientific community.

But instead, despite its widespread support, Dr Anthony Fauci and Director of the NIH, Dr Francis Collins collaborated to undermine the declaration. Rather than engaging in scientific discourse, they authorised a quick and devastating public takedown of this proposal, in which they characterised the authors from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford as “three fringe epidemiologists”.

Here are a few ideas to express an alternative viewpoint.

I’d employ a bipartisan team of specialists in nine fields to weigh up options before making policy. Economics, Logistics, Virology, Epidemiology, Statistics, Mental Health, A specialist in Lifestyle Medicine (nutrition/gut & physical health), a Religious, and a Cultural Advisor. I wouldn’t use statistical modellers as the science is still too unreliable. And I’d have a 10th man (or woman), probably a Philosopher.

I’d borrow the billions and billions of dollars that was being spent on the Auckland Lockdown and instead spend it on the following…

1. Increasing wages and improve working conditions for all health care workers (including midwives).

2. Converting vacant buildings in cities, rural areas and towns, into small medical clinics, with ICU facilities specialising in the treatment of Covid so that everyone in New Zealand would have access to treatment close by if needed. This would also release stress on the major hospitals and allow them to continue treating non-Covid patients and elective surgery. 

3. Allowing doctors more freedom to treat patients as they see fit. They should be free to offer custom treatments to match the needs of their patients. Doctors have a decade of training, so should know a thing or two – they are in charge of their patients’ care – not governmental health officials.

4. Giving close attention to Doctors working on the frontlines dealing with Covid and listen to the solutions they were coming up with. While data from doctors come from only small clinical and observational studies, they still have merit. More so than any data coming from official sources out of the USA or from drug companies, which I believe may be contaminated. Most of our scientific knowledge doesn’t come from randomised clinical trials.

5. Implementing the Alcohol reforms Geoffrey Palmer tried to introduce in 2009. (It seems to me that our government prioritises the financial health of multinational corporations over the physical health of its citizens).

6. Subsided Gym membership.

7. Instead of mass vaccination, having a team of 5 million health check-up. Specialist teams would go door to door, malls and shopping centres, and perform health checks on every New Zealander to identify at risk groups. They would check vitamin D levels, test for DMII and provide personal education on the importance of diet, sleep and exercise. KFC and McDonald’s will whine like the incessant lobbying multinationals that they are – but so be it.

These teams would also ensure those that have Covid and those who are vulnerable are isolated, with sufficient resources to manage their lockdown. They would also make follow up calls to check their status while in isolation. A free medical kit would be provided to all households (containing the following. A Pulse Oximeter, Digital Thermometer, 1 pack of N95 masks, Zinc, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Paracetamol, Ivermectin, Doxycycline.

I realise the jury is still out on Ivermectin, but I’m calling Pascal’s Wager on this. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t, If it does – great, but it’s extremely unlikely to cause any harm – and it costs next to nothing.

But what has happened is that some countries are using it (and those that are seem to be doing a lot better than the West at managing Covid) and we are not – so that many now see the health authorities as either vindictive or worse, or there is some sort of conspiracy to protect the profits and market share of Pfizer.

If prescribed properly by a doctor, Ivermectin is safer than Asprin. So just give it to the patient if they want it. The fact they’ll be far less stressed because they believe they have been given the only drug that could possibly save them, they’d be in a much better space to deal with Covid. It’ll likely be an amazingly effective placebo – health is just as much about the mind, as it is about the body.

8. Taxing all takeaways, all processed foods, and sugar. I’d subsidise meat, fruit and vegetables. I’d also remove GST from whole foods. Unhealthy foods would NOT be banned, and I wouldn’t mandate what people should eat, the food people decide to put in their body is their choice.

Offer financial incentives for those that lost weight, and tell those who are obese that they are beautiful, but we’ll still warn them that covid doesn’t care – it’s not a politically correct virus. This should have been called Darwins Disease, not Covid 19.

9. Recommending everyone over the age of 60 and those of any age with comorbidities to get vaccinated. And focus on establishing a strategy to ensure effective and humane isolation of the vulnerable. At no age would vaccination be mandatory. Vaccines, and all medications come with risks. Even if rare, if there is a risk, there should be a choice.

10. Allowing proper debate of all areas of the vaccine. Improve reporting of serious side effects, and offer specialist support to the vaccine injured.

11. Prioritising those with natural immunity to care for the vulnerable. And offer regular free testing for rest home carers and those caring for elderly relatives.

12. If someone who is caring for vulnerable family members is infected, relieving carers will manage the care while they are in isolation.

13. Motivating that visors (not masks) be worn by care workers in rest homes while in close contact with the elderly while at level 3 or 4. (Not being able to see smiles has health consequences too). It’s becoming pretty clear now that cloth masks don’t work, and there was never sufficient evidence to support their use to begin with. N95 masks are too impractical to wear for long term general use. If people want to wear them that’s fine, but it wouldn’t be mandatory.

14. Requiring social distancing in public spaces, and if people feel like they are coming down with an illness they would be asked to STAY AT HOME. We always have had a culture of soldiering on. Being able to properly rest when sick is a welcome cultural shift that would be encouraged.

15. Providing subsidies for businesses to install adequate (and filtered) ventilation. And to ensure all ventilation in public buildings, and schools are updated. Almost no one seems to catch Covid on a plane.

16. Making media apply for accreditation which will allow their content to be called News and be eligible for government funding. However, they will be monitored by an independent bipartisan panel and held to considerably high standards with fines for misleading or grossly inaccurate reporting. They will be required to report from ALL perspectives. Non-accredited media will be called tabloids and can publish anything they like.

There would probably be some change left over to build an extra hospital or two. Before you say this will all be impossible, remember we locked up 1.6 million law-abiding citizens for over 4 months…

The Last Word

Kyle Warner, is, was a professional Mountain Biker, until he got pericarditis from the Vaccine, which ended his career. He was one of the witnesses in Senator Johnson’s hearing for the Vaccine Injured. Since he has started talking about the vaccine-injured he has experienced an avalanche of social media hate. The treatment and censorship of the vaccine-injured has been appalling. This is partly why I don’t want to go anywhere near Pfizer or their drug. There is something going on here that is really wrong. Kyle nailed it when he said,

“The toxicity of people has become worse than the disease… We’ve done such a shitty job as people trying to remain human.”

Kyle Warner

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  • Adverse Events Reporting… and much, much more.

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