It’s time for the emergency legislation to be thrown out. Time for the government to back off. Time to get on with life as we knew it. Time to abandon the draconian attitude to the ill-prepared and ill tested vaccines and let people exercise their freedom to choose.

If you want to take the vaccine, good on you. It is your choice. If you choose not to take it and end up dying from Covid-19, good on you. It is your choice.

If my survival depended on you being vaccinated, perhaps I might have some interest in your vaccination. As that is clearly not the case, whether you are vaccinated or not is none of my business, none of the government’s business and indeed, none of anybody else’s business!

We have a right to choose regarding medication. If we lose that, what next?

The scientific evidence remains unquestionably clear: If you’re young and otherwise healthy, you have virtually ZERO risk of dying from Covid. If you’re over 60 and suffer from diabetes, obesity and some other comorbidities that are well recognised, you are at greater risk and common sense would suggest that risk should be managed in whatever way you choose – or not at all. Medical treatment MUST be a matter of personal choice PERIOD.

To insist single-mindedly on vaccination of the entire population by draconian measures, which include loss of livelihood and loss of freedoms, is unforgivable, inhumane and cruel and is unsupportable by the science and the statistics.

If you have any doubts, please just read the NZ Ministry of Health figures as at December 18, 2021:

COVID-19 cases by age group
Age groupActive (confirmed and probable)RecoveredDeceasedTotal casesPercentage of all cases
0 to 946917371220716.5%
10 to 1936316570202015.1%
20 to 2940225110291321.8%
30 to 3932420821240718%
40 to 4917813634154511.6%
50 to 591431138712889.6%
60 to 697056576424.8%
70 to 793020192401.8%
80 to 89115812810.6%

In New Zealand we have conducted 5,390,105 tests to identify 13,366 “cases” of which 660 have been hospitalised and 54 have ended up in ICU.

There have been 49 deaths recorded. All this over the entire period of the pandemic.

The obvious argument the government and its acolytes are fond of throwing about with gay abandon is that, without lockdowns and the government’s brilliance, we would have had many more cases and deaths. Sorry, but I call a very loud BS to that.

The numbers from around the world say it all and while the disease continues to spread and ebb and flow, deaths, by and large, have dropped away to normal annual death rates. So let us see this for what it is once and for all, and let’s stop listening to and believing the unmitigated BS being fed to us by bureaucrats, politicians with hidden agendas and the complicit mainstream media.

We were justifiably worried at first because we were unsure. Today there’s no doubt: Sars-Cov-2, like the previous SARS viruses we’ve seen, mutates and weakens with each mutation and has now become marginally worse than the common cold. Omicron is a cheeky little joke of a virus that spreads well but seems more closely related to a cold than its complex and ridiculous name might imply.

Stand up and demand our rights back NOW.

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