Watching the complicit and corrupt media celebrate Friday and describe it as “Freedom Day” has made me very angry. It’s not freedom when you have to show your papers, and it’s not freedom when we aren’t all free to do as we please.

It is a charade, a mirage even, of freedom. If you need government papers to leave your city, or to access facilities, and others are prevented from using those same facilities or leaving based on an arbitrary and ever changing set of rules, then you aren’t free. Celebrating it like you are free just makes you complicit in the charade. It is you who are enabling the tyranny.

Until we are all free it’s not freedom.

This pandemic has never been about health and safety…it’s about control. It can’t possibly be about health because ummm…if you are vaccinated what do have to worry about?

It can’t possibly be about health when we have thousands isolating in the community with Delta but we still have draconian MIQ rules for the entry of vaccinated and tested travellers.

It can’t possibly be about health when you have bizarre rules where a single jabbed staff member can serve coffee, or cut hair, or work in a restaurant, but they can only do that for double jabbed people. Then if that single jabbed staff member leaves work and wants to have a beer with the same people they’ve just been serving, they can’t…because it’s for their health.

Of course, some fool will come along and tell me that vaccinated people can transmit the virus too…to which I reply…well why the segregation then?

Watch and wait and you will see all these businesses that are banning the unvaxxed become locations of interest because a vaxxed person got the Wu Pox and went there. When that happens you will all find out that this has never been about health, but about control.

And for those who think that we are ostracising people to protect the vulnerable, ask yourself how creating two classes of citizens will actually do that especially when vaxxed carry as much chance of spreading the virus as unvaxxed?

We wouldn’t tolerate segregation on the basis of race or religion or HIV status so why is everyone tolerating it for this, especially when the risk of dying is so infinitesimal?

Those of us being discriminated against will never forget, nor will we forgive what is being done under the pretence of “protecting the vaccinated from the unvaccinated”. How does that even make logical sense, that the vaccinated need to be protected from the unvaccinated? Don’t the vaccines work? If we are talking about “protecting the vulnerable” then how does that even work? Shunning, isolating, and demonising the unvaxxed can’t possibly protect the vulnerable when it is acknowledged that the vaccinated carry as much of a viral load as the unvaccinated.

This is the evil perpetrated on us by an uncaring, illogical government and enabled by the compliant who lack joined-together thinking.

Never in the history of the world has anyone ever been able to comply their way out of tyranny. Never in the history of the world has a medicine’s effectiveness been dependent on someone else taking it to protect you.

Wake up! You are being manipulated, gaslit and abused.

The abuser is Jacinda Ardern, a sociopath and a narcissist, drunk on the power that the weak and the meek ceded to her through their compliance.

Choose strength, choose freedom, choose non-compliance and wreck their evil apartheid agenda. Tear down the barriers, rip up the vaccine passes, live freely.

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Until We Are All Free, It’s Not Freedom
Cam Slater

Cam Slater

As much at home writing editorials as being the subject of them, Cam has won awards, including the Canon Media Award for his work on the Len Brown/Bevan Chuang story. When he’s not creating the news,...