Public Interest Journalism Propaganda has received an $18m boost with the announcement of funding for an additional 110 journalists across New Zealand with “a specific mandate to produce stories that keep New Zealanders informed and engaged, and support a healthy democracy”.

Don’t you just love the Newspeak? War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength and Government funding of Journalism supports a healthy democracy.

Government funding of Journalism supports a healthy democracy. The BFD. Photoshopped image credit SadButTrue

The funding is the result of the second competitive funding round via NZ On Air’s $55m Public Interest Journalism Fund.

[…] Combined with the first funding round, $29m has now been committed to a mix of journalism roles, defined journalism Projects, and Industry Development initiatives.

[…] The performance of the funded roles is measured on content outputs. Funded roles in this round are geographically spread across the country, and will also go some way to address deficits in reporting for specific ethnic communities or issues.

A map showing the distribution of funds to date.

Role Funding details

All roles are funded for two years unless otherwise stated.

Stuff, 20 x Community and Pou Tiaki roles for Stuff publications, up to $2,789,240

RNZ, 20 x Local Democracy Reporting roles for 26 publications/platforms, up to $3,554,000

NZME, 15 x roles for Open Justice – Te Patiti scheme for 11 publications, up to $2,995,702

Maori Television, 7 x roles for Maori Televisionup to $1,593,000

School Road Publishing, 1 x role for Woman magazineup to $189,660

SunPix, 2 x roles for TP+up to $273,600

Times Media, 1 x role for Local Mattersup to $150,148

Crux Publishing, 1 x role for Cruxup to $151,200

The Spinoff, 2 x roles for The Spinoff, up to $427,800

Ashburton Guardian, 1 x role for the Ashburton Guardianup to $150,000

Central App, 1 x role for Central App, for one year, up to $31,200

North & South, 1 x role for North & South Media, up to $230,000

Newsroom, 4 x roles for Newsroom and 1 x shared role Newsroom and North & Southup to $528,316

Allied Press, 4 x roles for Otago Daily Times and other Allied Press properties, up to $711,797

Valley Media, 1 x role for The Valley Profileup to $127,096

The Gisborne Herald, 1 x role for The Gisborne Heraldup to $183,240

Metro Media Group, 1 x part-time role for Metro Magazineup to $47,600

Mana Trust, 4 x roles for E-Tangataup to $650,000

Kiwi Media Publishing, 4 x roles for The Indian Weekenderup to $705,000

National Pacific Radio Trust, 4 x roles for Pacific Media Network, for one year, up to $275,000

Television New Zealand, 2 x roles for TVNZ News, for one year, up to $206,000

Te Reo Irirangi O Te Hiku O Te Ika, 1 x role for Te Reo Irirangi O Te Hiku O Te Ikaup to $176,200

Very Nice Productions, 1 x role for Local Focus, for one year, up to $105,000

UMA Broadcasting, 6.5 x roles for Radio Waatea, for one year, up to $774,000

Discovery New Zealand, 3 x roles for Newshubup to $695,560

You will notice that The BFD is not included on the list. We are 95% funded with Member dollars and 5% funded by advertising which means that we are completely independent and do not have to create the kind of content that the Government dictates in order to fund our journalism.

If you are not already a member please sign up today to help us to compete against the Propaganda Press who are funded by the Government and beholden to them.

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