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We see that the government has attributed Maori “Vaccine Hesitancy” to the residue of centuries of colonialism leading to a distrust of the government. How convenient for those who view everything through the lens of race.

In reality, distrust of the government is the inevitable result of several years of blatant propaganda with the MSM totally compliant. It is the result of the public seeing doctors gagged and officials making misleading statements. It is because of changes in policy that we are told were the original intention all along and major changes to society that were not revealed until after the election.    

Sure, with absolute power these can be forced through, but you can’t force people to like it or not notice, and once trust is gone, it doesn’t come back.

Even the term ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’ is itself spin as more accurately it’s often  ‘Vaccine Refusal’, but don’t expect to see that reported by the team of $55 million.

But there is hope. Dystopian novels, like Orwell’s “1984′ and “Animal Farm” but updated to the modern era, are very popular with teenagers and young adults. ‘Game of Thrones’ too. All are very deep and dark but that’s what they want to read.

I was surprised and delighted, to have one of my grandchildren say that we’re currently living in a Dystopia, “like the books”. She recognised the parallels:

  • the propaganda
  • the suspension of human rights
  • the overbearing Government
  • taking away your rights “for your own good”.

Once people have worked out for themselves that they are being manipulated, you never get them back on side. When the dust has settled, big events like Covid and especially the lockdowns leave people’s perceptions of society and their place in it permanently changed.

Operation Fear will leave some hiding under the bed for the rest of their lives, begging for the government to save them from all danger. But others will go the other way; seeing the attitude of young people, they are much more likely to reject government statements as probable lies, as do the citizens of Russia.

“Don’t believe anything until its been officially denied.”

Society might well be saved by its young people, and not for the first time.

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