Ed U. Cayshun

Teachers have been treated very badly by this government “mandate”. In 2020 they were told by the PM that there would be no compulsion or penalties.

In March the NZ government was alerted to two things.

1. The availability of high-quality treatments/therapeutics.

2. That the Pfizer vaccine was much less effective against variants and, in any case, was losing efficacy after 6 months in a significant way and that booster shots would be needed. 

The government has failed to obtain a non mRNA vaccine such as Novovax. They have also failed to have a rapid testing protocol in place that could well have worked for teaching staff exercising their right to not be vaccinated.

Their failure to act 7 months ago has led to this situation.

2021 marked 30 years for me as a classroom teacher. I am pretty good at it and sorry to see a chapter close but a great person in my past said:

Once you have investigated and weighed things – act on your conscience.


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