Supercars team owner Betty Klimenko says she will not be attending any of the forthcoming events in Sydney due to what she believes is vaccination discrimination.

[…] Klimenko lamented discrimination towards those who were unvaccinated, some who she said do not have a choice but were being ‘treated like the great unwashed’.

[…] “I believe and have always lived by a great belief, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’

[…] I will never tell anyone how to live, eat, or do, anything.

[…] “Nothing stops today’s bullies, being tomorrows victims. We need to stop being Karens, experts on diseases, and vindictive analyst’s, what we need to be, is just mates.”

[…] When the Repco Supercars Championship returns later this month, it’s expected all 24 full-time drivers will be fully vaccinated.

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