By now it is clear that the government’s response to Covid is manifestly political. Although this government talks about “listening to experts” it does anything but. When you commit to listening to experts you need to honestly listen to all experts rather than cherry-picking those that support the path you are already on.

There is a vast volume of scientific evidence and offshore experience that calls into question fundamental tenets of the Covid-19 pandemic and also this government’s response to it. For two small examples read The Great Barrington Declaration and Data About Covid-19 – both excellent data-backed responses to Covid.

Jacinda Ardern’s political future is inextricably tied to Covid and so the economic and health response is now likewise political. Over 1.5 million New Zealanders remain under effective house arrest (involving the complete removal of our fundamental human rights to freedom of movement and association) because Ardern and her Government completely botched the vaccine rollout.

So what can the average Kiwi do to fight back against a government that does not have your best interests at heart, but is motivated by what looks good politically?

In the streets, direct protest action like we have seen in France, Australia, London and scores of other cities is not acceptable to the vast majority of law-abiding citizens who are simply ‘bearing up’ against the stresses of lockdown while juggling their kids’ education or trying to keep their livelihoods afloat.

But there is something surprisingly simple we can all do to fight back.

Stop getting tested for Covid-19.

This Government (and a complicit media) is fixated on the top line number of infected, making no attempt to provide a critical context of other measures like the infection fatality rate, rate of serious versus mild illness, PCR cycles etc.

So if the Government wants to see “elimination” let’s give it to them.

Don’t. Get. Tested. Anymore.

If people stop getting tested, the numbers will drop. If the numbers drop they have no excuse to keep you locked up. It is that simple.

By getting tested you are handing them a stick to beat you with. If you get tested and you have Covid they will force you and your family to “isolate” and, if you refuse to isolate, they will lock you up.

So why would you do it? There is no upside and only downside.

If you are genuinely sick enough to need to go to hospital, which is unlikely – over 80% of known cases (which itself is a massive under-count), show no symptoms or are mild – they will test you then. So you will be tested and if you need treatment you will get it.

So… just don’t get tested anymore.

Stop giving them the data they are using as an excuse to carry out their agenda and keep us all imprisoned.

The government can only continue with its politically motivated response if it has an excuse and that excuse is the data they get from testing.

So stop getting tested. This government is abusing the data, so stop giving it to them.

The sooner we stop the testing, the sooner we are all free. 

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Want to Do Something about Lockdown? Stop Getting Tested
Alex Davis

Alex Davis

Alex Davis is a business executive and director of several companies in New Zealand and overseas. Over the last decade, the West's long and successful relationship with rationality, empiricism, objectivity...