On Tuesday Judith Collins called for a referendum about the use of the word Aotearoa in place of our country’s proper legal name, New Zealand.

Immediately she was attacked by both the Team of $55 million (media) and every other party in parliament. Newshub, the leading member of the Team of $55 million, were positively gleeful as they put the boot in to what they think is a misstep from Judith Collins:

And the most likely leadership successor rushed to her defence.

“Judith Collins is an outstanding leader, she’s doing a great job, stabilising us and getting us focussed on what matters most,” said Luxon. 

Like whether the public needs a referendum on the use of the name Aotearoa… 

“We could probably go to a referendum on [it] and ask people what they want. People are starting to get, I think, quite tetchy about it,” said Collins, claiming the Government is trying to secretly change the name of the country.

“They’re now changing it, the Prime Minister changes the way she talks about it, you barely ever hear her talk about New Zealand these days… I think it is becoming like that by stealth.”

It’s a conspiratorial theory led by her MP Stuart Smith. He says despite there not being a public poll on the name ‘New Zealand’, there should be one on ‘Aotearoa’.

“It is the established name,” he says. “It’s on all official documents.”

But ‘Aotearoa’ has also been on the cover of New Zealand passports since 2009 – when National was in Government. New Zealand banknotes also feature ‘Aotearoa’, since Sir John Key unveiled them in 2015. 

“Stuart Smith is desperate and stupid,” said Maori Development Minister Willie Jackson. 

“I think it’s entirely ridiculous,” added Treaty Negotiations Minister Andrew Little. 

Even ACT won’t touch this one.

“I would have thought New Zealand had bigger issues today than policing what people call our country,” said Seymour. 


Newshub no longer reports the news, their use of pejorative language and their constant sniping at anyone who dares speak against the ‘Covid Queen’ reveals their true intentions. Describing the concern that we are being subjected to relentless propaganda softening us up to a name change as “a conspiratorial theory” is but one example.

As for David Seymour wondering about bigger issues, he clearly thinks criminalising parents for refusing puberty blockers is one of those bigger issues.

So, it seems National is out of step with every other party in the parliament, who were dismissive and rude about the suggestion of a referendum.

Clearly, the media and especially Newshub seem to think so, hence the relentless attack. But, they kind of have to go all in because they’ve drunk the Koolaid with regards to this treaty partnership malarky and all their news reports are now in some sort of pidgin vernacular that is meaningless to the vast majority of watchers.

But is National really out of step with the public view on this, or are the media and the other political parties?


I bet Newshub quietly shelves that online survey before the march becomes even more obvious. Clearly National and Judith Collins are well in tune with the voting public.

As for Newshub, it seems they aren’t all singing from the same song sheet. Duncan Garner is opposed to the use of Aotearoa:

This is really simple for me – no. 

It won’t happen, it shouldn’t happen, and if it did, there would be an uproar.

Imagine being overseas: “Where are you from mate?” 


“Oh yeah. Where’s that?”  

“New Zealand.”


So, it appears that National and Judith Collins can read the room better than every other party or politician quoted as opposing the thought of a referendum.

Judith Collins is on to a winner here. People long ago reached peak Maorification. The woke are actually the minority no matter how many fake truisms that try to claim the opposite.

Who would have thought that the Team of $55 million would be so out of step with their viewers?

John Key found out that we didn’t want a new flag and if it is put to the test, Jacinda Ardern will find out that even fewer people want a new name for our country than wanted a new flag.


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