For many years, we have been inundated with scary stories about how the world is in dire trouble due to our changing climate. Forty-seven years ago, on June 24th 1974, Time Magazine reported droughts in Africa, floods in Pakistan and Japan, unseasonal cold weather in Canada’s wheat belt causing a poor harvest, increased thickness of pack ice around Iceland, lowering global temperatures, and something I still clearly remember nearly fifty years later: warmth-loving armadillos moving south in Texas due to plunging temperatures. These scary changes made “Climatological Cassandras” more apprehensive that these weather abnormalities could herald the beginning of another ice age.[i]  In their article, none of the words, ‘carbon’, ‘greenhouse’ or ‘gas’ received a mention even once.

In 1988, James Hansen famously addressed Congress about pending climate Armageddon in the form of uncontrolled heating of the atmosphere. He and Senator Tim Worth scheduled the hearing for the historically hottest day of the year, and, on the preceding night, opened all of the windows so that the air conditioning wouldn’t work, providing a real psychological boost to his lecture.[ii]

Hansen testified, inter alia,We have considered cases ranging from business as usual, which is scenario A, to draconian emission cuts, scenario C, which would totally eliminate net trace gas growth by the year 2000.”, and; “In my opinion, that the greenhouse effect has been detected, and it is changing our climate now.”[iii] The word “greenhouse” was mentioned 41 times.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) established an international environmental treaty to combat “dangerous human interference with the climate system”, in part by stabilising greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. It was signed by 154 states at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), informally known as the Earth Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro from 3 to 14 June 1992.[iv] Since then, they have held meetings on an annual basis in exotic locales attended by tens of thousands of people. These meetings are known as Conference of the Parties (COP) set up to assess progress in dealing with climate change. The last was COP 23 in Madrid.

As a result of all this activity costing billions upon billions of dollars, whole new industries have been set up to cash in on what has turned out to be a very lucrative enterprise. One of which is so-called ‘carbon’ trading with a turnover of $214 billion in 2019.[v]

A Reuter’s article describes how this works:

“Emissions trading schemes, or carbon markets, are market-based tools to limit greenhouse gas emissions. They put a cap on the amount countries or companies can emit and if they exceed the limit they can buy permits from others.”

Other lucrative enterprises include solar power, attracting $billions in subsidies, paid for by the tax payer, and wind turbines, also attracting $billions in subsidies, paid for by the tax payer, and:

Taxes on fuel and electricity – our New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme. Wikipedia states that: “[A]n emissions trading scheme for greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) works by establishing property rights for the atmosphere, and “Economists generally agree that to regulate emissions efficiently, all polluters need to face the full costs of their actions (that is, the full marginal social costs of their actions).”[vi]

Given that GHGs are by definition water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone, the global warming fanatics have woven a veritable magic spell over humanity having convinced us all that water vapour and carbon dioxide, two of the most important gases ensuring our very survival, are “pollutants” and that we must pay, and pay, and pay to reduce our, in comparison with nature, miniscule production of CO2 at least.

Our contribution to the Paris Climate Accord is now estimated to cost the New Zealand economy $36 billion!

Newshub reported in 2016:

Climate change bill $14.2 billion? Try $36 billion

New Zealand could be on the hook for a big bill if it fails to take measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or ramp up the supply of carbon credits. Thomas Coughlan asks why we have been slow to increase the domestic supply of carbon credits.

In its briefing to the incoming Minister for Climate Change, James Shaw, the Ministry for the Environment estimated that New Zealand will see between $14-36 billion shaved off its growth forecasts between 2021 and 2030.

The figure is more than double the estimate given to Judith Collins when she became Minister of Energy in December 2016. That briefing estimated the cost at $14.2 billion, but it left off the more drastic model, which projected a much higher cost of $36 billion. To put that in perspective, Treasury has estimated the total cost of rebuilding Christchurch to be $40 billion.

The figure is calculated as a reduction of Real Gross National Disposable Income (RGNDI), a measure of New Zealanders’ wellbeing through their incomes. The two figures relate to two separate models that were used to calculate the RGNDI reduction.[vii]

Al Gore, whose wealth was allegedly only $1.7 million in 2000, managed to blow it out to what is thought to be about $200 million by 2017. Gore is quoted as saying 4 years ago, “The world faces an extremely serious financial risk due to the $22 trillion in subprime carbon assets that are going to lose value at some point precipitously, just as the subprime mortgages did,”.[viii] $22 trillion? A staggering figure shining a searchlight on the amount of money tied up in what has been called the greatest fraud in the history of mankind. Any wonder that any negative comment about global warming is stomped on mercilessly by the GW acolytes and the complicit media!

Anyone that thinks that global GHGs are linked to the climate in any way should read the below full article on the UNIPCCC’s website. It’s the money ladies and gentlemen; it’s the trillions of dollars linked to their “New Economy”:

Investors managing USD 41 trillion in Assets Urge Governments to Speed Up Climate Policy or Lose

Credit: Jason Goh / Pixabay

UN Climate Change News, 11 June 2021 – 457 investors managing more than USD 41 trillion in assets have released a new joint statement to all world governments urging a global race-to-the-top on climate policy and warning that laggards will miss out on trillions of dollars in investment if they aim too low and move too slow.

This represents the most significant initiative by investors signing on to a global statement since a first similar statement in 2009.

The 2021 Global Investor Statement to Governments on the Climate Crisis delivers the strongest-ever investor call for governments to raise their climate ambition and implement meaningful policies, or risk missing out on a massive wave of investment in tackling the climate crisis.

In particular, the 2021 statement asks for climate-related financial reporting to not only be improved, but be mandatory, and clearly recognizes the “climate crisis”. It also reflects the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and calls for resilient economic recovery plans that support the just transition to a net-zero emissions future that is underway.

Developed by the seven founding partners of The Investor Agenda, the statement reads: “…We believe that those who set ambitious targets in line with achieving net-zero emissions, and implement consistent national climate policies in the short-to-medium term, will become increasingly attractive investment destinations…Full implementation of the Paris Agreement will create significant investment opportunities in clean technologies, green infrastructure and other assets, products and services needed in this new economy.”[ix]

The scale of this so-called climate crisis is so massive, it is beyond the ordinary man’s ken. Researching this article has shown me I had underestimated the sheer gargantuan scale of this global swindle. I call it a swindle not only because I think I can recognise one when I see one but because, after a dozen or so years reading everything I could get my hands on relating to climate, I came to the inescapable conclusion that the world’s population is being taken for a ride the likes of which has never been seen before. From their own mouths:

Ottmar Edenhofer, a German economist and co-chair of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Working Group III:

“But one must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.

One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy.

This has almost nothing to do with environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole.”


Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of UNFCCC, warns that the fight against climate change is a process and that the necessary transformation of the world economy will not be decided at one conference or in one agreement. “This is  probably  the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history”, Ms Figueres stated at a press conference in Brussels.

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution. That will not happen overnight and it will not happen at a single conference on climate change, be it COP 15, 21, 40 – you choose the number. It just does not occur like that. It is a process, because of the depth of the transformation.”

(This quote has now been removed from where it was found: https://www.unric.org/en/latest-un-buzz/29623-figueres-first-time-the-world-economy-is-transformed-intentionally )

The whole climate emergency, the re-arranging of sovereign economies, the devastation of the agricultural community, the infestation of whole vistas of landscapes and seascapes with wind turbines and solar panels which destabilise the electricity grid and inflate energy prices; the inclusion of a tax on your fuel and on your electricity for your carbon pollution sins to be paid to third world country’s kleptomaniacs. The buying up of some of the most productive farm land in the world by Chinese corporations to harvest carbon credits via pine trees. Look in the papers, look at TV, hark at the baying of councils throughout the land declaring ‘Climate Emergencies’. See how every single endeavour attempted by the world population in their everyday lives is linked to and enslaved by the need to bow to “The Climate Crisis” at every turn.


Because some very smart people decided that they could build on the experiences and methods of some very nasty people that have blighted the human race for millennia by way of blaming an innocuous gas for all of our (imagined) climate woes. Don’t blame witches, don’t blame an ethnic group, don’t peer at chickens’ entrails; just convince, easily as it turned out, the world’s population that manmade CO2 was creating the conditions for a catastrophic calamity to overtake the planet, and that the peoples of the world had a very limited timeframe to do something about it.

Now, just think; if CO2 was completely innocent of all that it is being blamed for (and it is), then the whole pack of cards, the whole climate catastrophe edifice comes crashing down; tens of thousands of ‘climate scientists’ will lose their lucrative sinecures and annual trips to exotic places. Billions of people will have more to spend on their own destiny; trillions of dollars are freed up for the improvement of mankind. The financing of a makeover of the world’s economy by the gnomes of the UN and The World Economic Forum would at least be hobbled. All of this if only the humble CO2  molecule is proven innocent of global climate tyranny! Just think of it! The whole racket hinges on the premise that ~12 molecules of manmade CO2 in a million molecules of atmosphere are responsible for this horrendously expensive, freedom inhibiting proposition for the Left-Wing transformation of the politics and economies of the world!

But! CO2 has never has been proven guilty! There is no empirical evidence that anthropogenic CO2   in fact causes climate change in any appreciable way, let alone a climate crisis. It is an accepted fact that CO2 does cause some warming but that the wavelengths responsible for this are now almost saturated and that a doubling or even a tripling of atmospheric CO2 will make little difference.

All of this has been argued millions of times; an excellent distraction whilst our world is being stolen, so it is pointless to debate it further here. Dick Lindzen, whom I would have given an arm and leg to have in front of me in a classroom, can have the last word.[x]

Richard Siegmund Lindzen is an American atmospheric physicist known for his work in the dynamics of the middle atmosphere, atmospheric tides, and ozone photochemistry. He has published more than 200 scientific papers and books — Wikipedia

“What historians will definitely wonder about in future centuries is how deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that CO2 from human industry was a dangerous, planet-destroying toxin. It will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world – that CO2, the life of plants, was considered for a time to be a deadly poison.” — Richard Lindzen

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