July 20th, 2021.

Dominic Cummings has just been interviewed on BBC by Laura Kuenssberg, the political editor of BBC News. He is doing a first-rate hit job on Boris Johnson and disclosed the massive influence on him by Carrie Johnson, his wife. He also disclosed that the team behind his election victory realised that, after the election, indeed just days after, they had made a major error and were already looking at ways to get rid of him. Events since then seem to have supported that point of view.

He disclosed that the health department, under the famous Matt Hancock, was organising the shipment of PPE which would take 3 to 4 months because that was the procurement rules. He upset them by strong-arming the cabinet into using airfreight. This got him a reputation as someone who didn’t understand the Whitehall way of doing things.

Apparently, Johnson just sat and watched.

The summary of the interview is that for the good of the country Boris Johnson has to go, NOW.

Anyone watching the utter shambles as lockdown was eased on Tuesday, with ministers giving contrasting advice, and pubs which had opened for the first time in 12 months being shut again because their staff had been pinged by the test and trace app and isolated, would agree with that sentiment.

Johnson has gone from being a friendly, laughing buffoon to a buffoon who is laughed at, to someone who is becoming dangerous. They (he and his wife) are expecting the chancellor to keep shaking the money tree to fund their (her) pet projects. The government is crumbling at the edges and the old guard conservatives are panicking as they can see the country being destroyed.

The only thing keeping the Conservatives showing so strongly in the opinion polls is that the Labour party is so hopeless.

As John Junor, the late well-respected journalist used to say, “who’s in charge of the clattering train?”

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Cummings Concludes Boris Must Go


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